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2000 to 2004

12/29/04: Global Warming Catches Media Attention
12/24/04: Burial Box of Jesus' Brother James Found to Be a Forgery
12/22/04: Remains of Amazon Warriors Found in Roman Cemetary in Britain
12/17/04: Poll Shows Nearly Half of Americans Believe Some Muslim Civil Rights Should Be Limited
12/13/04: Egypt Unveils 2,500-Year-Old Tomb
12/12/04: 5,000 Year Old Backgammon Set Found in Iran
12/04/04: DNA Tests Show 2,000-Year-Old Iranian Warrior Was a Woman
12/01/04: FAIR Argues Journalistic Balance Causes Global Warming Bias
11/27/04: Gallic War Treasure Found in Southern France
11/24/04: Elamite Tablets Discovered South of Iran
10/27/04: Hobbit-Like Ancestor Found in Asia
10/02/04: Mexican Fossils Baffle Anthropologists
08/16/04: Cave in Israel Linked to John the Baptist
08/05/04: 3,500-Year-Old Bronze Age Temple Found in Jordan
07/18/04: 50 Minoan Tombs Discovered in Crete
07/02/04: Egyptology Lecture Depicts Ancient Egyptian Humor
05/19/04: Halley's Comet Portrayed on Coin of Tigranes the Great
04/28/04: 2,500-Year-Old Persian Tablets Show Economic Disparity
04/21/04: Cyrus Cylinder Sparks Debate in Iran
04/19/04: Shell Beads From South African Cave Show Modern Human Behavior 75,000 Years Ago
04/18/04: Scientists Acheive Quantum Teleportation
04/18/04: Alexandrian City in Uzbekistan Inspected
04/29/03: Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found
11/03/03: Study Says Humans Sped to U.K. After Ice Age
10/23/03: Recent Warming of Arctic May Affect Worldwide Climate Change
07/21/03: Possible Evidence of Egyptian Chariots and Land Bridge Found at Red Sea
07/17/02: Hypothesis of Noah's Flood Being 7,500-Year-Old Black Sea Flood Finds Criticism
11/14/00: Ten Men Fathered Europe