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12/30/05: Unified Physics' Theory Explains Animal Locomotion
12/29/05: Historians Search for Evidence of Pope Joan
11/16/05: Copernicus' Face Reconstructed From Remains Found in Poland
11/19/05: Iron Age Warrior Found in Scotland
11/18/05: Oldest Map in Western World Found in Italy
11/11/05: Oldest Known Evidence of Hebrew Alphabet Found
11/10/05: Philistine Pottery Fragment With Names Similar to 'Goliath' Found
11/06/05: Prisoners Discover Israel's Oldest Remains of a Church
11/16/05: Copernicus' Face Reconstructed From Remains Found in Poland
11/14/05: Study Suggests Early Humans Settled India Before Europe
10/20/05: Headless Mummy Found in Peru
10/12/05: 4,000-Year-Old Bowl of Noodles Found in China
10/11/05: Scientists Find 'Hobbit' Jaw in Indonesia
10/02/05: British Historians Believe Odysseus' Island Home was Once Part of Ithaca
09/30/05: Toppled Roman Goddess Statues From 4th Century Earthquake Discovered in Crete
09/25/05: Killer Dolphins With Poison Darts Possibly Let Loose By Hurricane Katrina
07/29/05: Constantine's Head Found in Roman Sewer
07/25/05: Ice Age 'Tool' Found in German Cave Dated as 28,000-Years-Old
07/25/05: 2,400-Year-Old Treasure Found in Thracian tomb
07/22/05: Mexican Archeologists Find Rare Sacrifice
07/22/05: King George's Madness Linked To Arsenic
07/20/05: Study Says Christian Catacombs in Rome Were Influenced By Older Jewish Catacombs 07/15/05: Fragments of Biblical Scroll Found in Israel
07/01/05: New Da Vinci Painting Found Using Infra-Red
06/11/05: Europe's Oldest Civilization is Found
05/22/05: Friends of Herculaneum Society Race to Save 2000-Year-Old Library
05/15/05: North Carolina Secretly Sterilizes 65,000 People
05/12/05: Self-Replicating Robot Created
04/27/05: British Jawbone Dated to 40,000 Years Ago
04/20/05: 5,600-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Found
04/19/05: Oxford Scientists Decode the Holy Grail of Greek and Roman Literature
04/08/05: Moses-Akhenaten Connection to Be Subject for Ahmed Osman-Based Movie
04/07/05: Kurdish Leader Elected President of Iraq
04/06/05: Experts Say 6-7 Million-Year-Old, Central African Fossil is Oldest Discovered Homonid
03/30/05: Secret East German Files Show KGB Ordered Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II
03/17/05: Black Hole Created in New York Particle Accelerator
03/11/05: Physicist Wins Spirituality Prize for Work Bridging Science and Religion
03/11/05: Catholic Church Bans Feminine Da Vinci Advertisement in France and Italy
03/08/05: CT Scan Shows King Tut Was Not Murdered
03/06/05: Team Finds 4 Million Old Homonid In Ethiopia
02/17/05: Vatican University Debuts Classes on Satanism
02/16/05: Ethiopian Fossils Dated to 195 Millenia Ago
02/14/05: Ancient Ruins Found at Temple of Romulus Confirms Date for Myth of Rome's Founding
02/01/05: SLU Professor Co-Authors Book on Intelligent Design as a Wedge Issue
01/05/05: Federal Judge Throws Out Evolution Disclaimer Stickers for Science Books