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12/26/06: 120 Million-Year-Old Chimera Found in China
12/26/06: Mural of Genghis Khan's Funeral Found
12/22/06: 70,000-Year-Old Python Cult in Africa Believed Oldest Form of Ritual Worship Found
12/21/06: Glass Found in Egypt Came From 100,000-Year-Old Meteorite
12/21/06: Largest European Dinosaur Ever Discovered in Spain
12/17/06: Study of Taxi Cab Driver Brains Shows Specialist Use Can Cause Brain Growth
12/17/06: 4,800-Year-Old Woman With Artifical Eye Found in Iran
12/16/06: University of Chicago-Syrian Team Finds First Evidence of Warfare in Ancient Mesopotamia
12/15/06: Nuclear Warhead Nearly Goes Off in Texas During Dismantlement
12/15/06: Bones Prove Mammals Lived in New Zealand 16 Million Years Ago
12/14/06: Artifacts Found in Ancient City of Ur in Iraq Believed to Come From Burnt City in Iran
12/14/06: New Democratic Intelligence Chairman Flunks Basic Questions on Islamic Politics
12/13/06: Watch Wolf Blitzer's Interview With David Duke
12/12/06: David Duke Attends Holocaust Denial Conference Led By President of Iran
12/11/06: 'St. Paul's Tomb' From Constantine's Old Basicalla Excavated
12/11/06: National Geographic's Top 10 Stories of 2006
12/11/06: Assyrian Cuneiform From Iron Age Discovered in Iran
12/10/06: Study Says Ability to Digest Milk Evolved in East Africa Only 3,000 Years Ago
12/09/06: 'Naitivity Story' Shows Jesus With More Realistic Skin Color Than Most Depictions
12/08/06: National Geographic's Top 10 Videos of 2006
12/07/06: Study Says Sex-Based Roles Gave Humans Edge
12/07/06: Dog Digs Up 6,000-Year-Old Axe in Scotland
12/06/06: Vatican Archaeologists Unearth Sarcophagus Believed to Contain St. Paul
12/05/06: Insignia of Constantine's Rival Found in Rome
12/05/06: 1,800-Year-Old Roman Curse Tablet Found in England
12/05/06: Archaeology.Org: Is Apocalypto Pornography?
12/04/06: Study Shows Evidence of Neanderthals Resorting to Cannibalism Due to Starvation
12/03/06: Underwater Video of Strange Walking Sea Creature
12/03/06: Scientist Fights Pentecostal Effort to Hide Pre-Human Fossils in Kenya
12/03/06: Ancient Settlement From Crusader/Islamic Period Found Between Jerusalm and Tel Aviv
12/02/06: 3,000-Year-Old Queen May Have Ruled Rome Before Mythical Founding by Romulus
12/01/06: Experts Reconstruct DaVinci's Fingerprint
12/01/06: Scientists Conclude King Tut Died of a Broken Leg
11/30/06: Computer Model Shows 10 Story Tsunami at Sicily Caused by Volcano 8,000 Years Ago
11/29/06: 2,000-Year-Old Astronomical Device May Have Been Used to Predict Eclipses
11/24/06: Researchers Find Evidence of Mass Extinction From 250 Million Years Ago
11/14/06: Study Shows Early Humans Settled India Before Europe
11/10/06: Study Shows Carbon Emissions Quadripled in Last 5 Years
11/08/06: 4,000-Year-Old Caananite Tombs Found in Jerusalem Show Evidence for Belief in Afterlife
11/06/06: Experts Say World's Ancient Sites Threatened by Global Warming
11/07/06: 'Google Earth' Helps Archaeologists Find Good Sites
11/06/06: More Human-Neandertal Mixing Evidence Uncovered
11/04/06: Evidence for Human/Neanderthal Interbreeding Discovered
11/01/06: Eight Newly Discovered Carbon-Based Molecules Suggest Life May Have Begun in Space
11/01/06: Earliest Evidence of American Autoposy Found in 400-Year-Old Remains of French Colonist
10/31/06: New Report Says Global Warming Could Cause Up to 40% of Earth's Species to Go Extinct
10/31/06: 27-Million-Year-Old Jawbone Provides Missing Link to Ancient Elephants
10/30/06: New Study Suggests Humans and Neanderthals Interbred 35,000 Years Ago
10/30/06: Eight Tombs Dating to Mid-2000s B.C. Discovered in Northern Syria
10/25/06: Largest Fossil of 15 Million-Year-Old 'Terror Bird' Found in Argentina
10/25/06: 40 Million-Year-Old Bee Trapped in Amber is Oldest Ever Found
10/24/06: Athenian Bust of Aristotle Proves Philosopher Had a Hooked Nose
10/22/06: Egyptian Tomb Raider Arrest Leads to 4,000-Year-Old Dentist Tombs
10/19/06: Inscriptions on 4,500-Year-Old Pottery May Be China's Oldest Writing
10/17/06: Archaeology Team Believes 12,000-Year-Old Temple in Turkey Linked to Eden Story
10/17/06: Ancient Hittite Temple to Storm God Found in Syria
10/17/06: Remains of 2,000-Year-Old City Discovered in Scotland
10/14/06: Pagan Graveyard Under Vatican Show Symbols of Dionysus
10/14/06: Samuel Jackson Plays God for 'Bible Experience' CD
10/13/06: Giant Monolith Discovered in Mexico
10/12/06: Scientists Discover Planet That is Half Fire, Half Ice
10/10/06: Fossils of 100,000-Year-Old Giant Camel Found in Syria
10/07/06: Jerusalem Dig Reveals Tunnel Possibly Leading to King David's Pool
10/06/06: Archaeologists Discover 600-Year-Old Burial Cave of Peruvian Warrior Tribe
10/05/06: Researchers Uncover 600-Year-Old Sculpture of Decapitated Women in Mexico
10/02/06: Sound-Editing Software Vindicates Niel Armstrong's Grammar
09/25/06: NASA Study Says World Warmth Edging Ancient Levels
09/19/06: BBC Tries to Put an End to 'Papal Infallibility' Jokes
09/14/06: Neanderthal Tools From Gibraltar Cave Dated From Only 24,000 to 28,000 Years Ago
09/13/06: Study Says Sun Not to Blame for Global Warming
09/03/06: Olmec Slab From Mexico Has Oldest Writing Found in New World
09/29/06: Neolithic Art Found in Orkney Islands Off of Scotland
09/04/06: Temple of Apollo With Secret Death Chamber Found in Turkey
09/03/06: King of Jordan Enlists British Lord to Help Save Dying Dead Sea
08/28/06: 3,000-Year-Old Red-haired Celt Found in China
08/28/06: Receding Lake in Texas Revaels Ancient Skeleton
08/26/06: Iron Maiden Singer Airlifts 200 Beiruit Evacuees to Safety
08/26/06: Christian Zealots Destroy Ancient Arctic Petroglyphs
08/24/06: Folklorist Believes Holy Grail Reference to Scottish Whirlpool
08/24/06: Pictures Released of Scythian Mummy Found in Mongolia
08/23/06: Skeletons Show Aztecs Sacrificed and Cannibalized 550 Spanish Invaders
08/23/06: Ancient Water System in Israel Found
08/18/06: Dig Uncovers Evidence of Round Table at Windsor Castle
08/18/06: UCLA Professor Says Prince of Darkness Misunderstood
08/17/06: Scientists Find Brain Evolution Gene
08/11/06: Ancient Pyramids Found in Ukraine
08/08/06: Hitler Bible Found With 12 Commandments
08/08/06: Temple of Ares Found in Turkey
08/06/06: Documentary Claims Volcanic Eruption Triggered Parting of Sea
08/02/06: X-Rays Reveal Lost Work of Archmimedes
07/31/06: Man Finds 188-Year-Old Bible in Dump Bin
07/26/06: Australian Creates 'Strine' Slang Bible
07/26/06: Language Expert Makes Aramaic-English Bible
07/25/06: Thousand-Year-Old Book of Pslams Discovered in Irish Bog
07/22/06: Engineers Find 1,500 Year Old Byzantine Port in Istanbul, Turkey
07/21/06: Researchers Believe Snake-Spotting Helped Evolve Eyesight
07/19/06: King Tutankhamen's Glass Scarab Beleived to Have Come From Meteorite
07/12/06: Cyborg Technology Creates Real Life 'Million Dollar Man'
07/08/06: Scientists Claim Nightmares Evolved as Threat Simulations
07/06/06: Mystery Stone Still Unexplained After More Than a Century
07/06/06: Mystery Object Found in Supernova's Heart
07/06/06: Genetic Testing Shows Mammoth Wool Came in Different Shades
07/05/06: Christian Archaeological Team Claims to Have Found Noah's Ark
06/30/06: Common Ancestor to All Humanity Only 2,000 to 5,000 Years Old
06/30/06: Vatican Vows to Excommunicate All Stem Cell Researchers
06/29/06: Etruscan Artifacts Found in Italian Dig
06/18/06: Neolithic Tomb in Wales Aligned With the Sun
06/12/06: Jade Axes Proof of Vast Caribbean Network
06/09/06: Stolen Mayan Treasure Returned Anonymously
06/09/06: Animals Are Already Evolving to Global Warming
06/09/06: Parts of King's Table Found Beneath Floor of Palace of Westminster
06/07/06: Dwarf Dinosaurs Found in Germany
06/07/06: Researchers X-Ray Ancient Greek Astronomical Device
06/06/06: First Egyptian Tomb in 80 Years Found
06/05/06: 27,000 Year Old Face Painting Found in France
06/03/06: Scientists Study Stone Age Basque Language
06/02/06: Prehistoric Animals Found in Israeli Cave
06/02/06: Red Microbes Found in Rain May Be Aliens
06/02/06: Broach of King Croesus Stollen From Museum in Turkey
06/01/06: New Scanning Techniques May Unveil Lost Information of Monotheistic Orpheus Cult
05/31/06: 'Hobbit' Island Tools Predate Modern Humans
05/31/06: 3,000-Year-Old Skeleton Found in Rome
05/29/06: Purported Tomb of Christ in Japan Brings 40,000 Visitors a Year
05/25/06: Motorway Engineers Unearth 2,500 Year Old Chariot in England
05/25/06: Scientists in US and Britain Working on Cloaking Device
05/18/06: Study Shows 1 in 14 Ancient Britons Smashed Over the Head
05/14/06: 'Amazon Stonehenge' Found in Brazil
05/09/06: Study Shows Bottlenose Dolphins Have Names
05/04/06: The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jews
05/04/06: Scientists Rediscover King Tut's Lost Penis
05/04/06: Archaeologists Find 1,500 Year Old Mayan Tomb Before Tomb Raiders
04/30/06: Spain Destroys 2,000 Year Old Roman City for Car Park
04/27/06: Researchers Teach Recursive Grammar to Starlings
04/23/06: Ancient Cartouches Found in Luxor, Egypt
04/20/06: Japanese Researches Find 100 More 2,500 Year Old Drawings on Nazca Plataeu
04/20/06: Scientist Studies 9,300 Year Old North American Skeleton
04/19/06: Experts Find Evidence of a Bosnian Pyramid
04/15/06: New Chambers Found at John the Baptist Cave Site Dated to 700 B.C.
04/12/06: 4 Million Year Old Australopithecus Fossils Found in Ethiopia
04/06/06: Lost Gospel of Judas Put on Display in Cairo
04/06/06: Viruses Trained to Build Tiny Batteries
04/06/06: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Researchers Claim Government Censorship
04/05/06: Ancient Teotihuacan Pyramid Found Beneath Site of Crucifixion Re-Enactments in Mexico
04/05/06: Fossil Fish With Limbs Seen as Missing Link Between Fish and Land Animals
04/04/06: Astronomers Find 288 Billion Mile Alcohol Cloud
04/02/06: Three Explorers Find New Source of the Nile
03/30/06: 3,200-Year-Old Palace Found Near Athens May Belong to King Ajax of 'Illiad' Fame
03/29/06: Device Warns You if You're Boring or Irritating
03/28/06: Italians Find Ancient Ur Tablets
03/26/06: Roman Graveyard of Headless Skeletons Dug Up in York
03/25/06: Head of 2000 Year Old Amazon Statue Found in Herculaneum
03/23/06: Oldest Wooden Statues Found in Egypt
03/22/06: Scientists Discover Mayan Underworld Wonder Beneath Jungle Sinkholes of Mexico
03/20/06: 2,500 Year Old Sarcophagus With Illustrations of Homer's Epics Found in Cyprus
03/16/06: Pentagon Scientists Devise Cyber-Insect Army
03/16/06: Astronomers Detect First Split Second of Universe
03/14/06: Archaeologists Find 17 Lion-Headed Goddess Statues in Luxor, Egypt
03/13/06: Archaeologists Find Ancient Tunnels in Israel
03/10/06: Genetic Researchers to Answer Questions About Christopher Columbus
03/13/06: Baptist Center for Ethics Co-Sponsors Film Examining Religious' Leaders' Support for Nazis
03/09/06: Possible Michaelangelo Painting Found
03/09/06: New Research Indicates View of Easter Island is Wrong
03/08/06: Record-Setting 3.6 Billion Degrees Farenheit Accidentally Acheived in Lab
03/07/06: National Geographic Society to Publish Gospel of Judas
03/02/06: 10,000 Year Old Graves Unearthed in Poland
03/01/06: Pentagon Considers Using Stealth Sharks
03/01/06: Unique Phoenician Temple Found in Sicily
02/24/06: Negative Mutations in Asexual Water Flea Groups Explain Evolution of Gender
02/27/06: Lost Civilization Unearthed in Indonesia
02/26/06: 'Pizza Pope' Builds Roman Catholic City in Florida
02/08/06: Archaeologists Find Headless Sphinx in Hadrian's Villa
02/06/06: 25,000 Year Old Cave Paintings Found in France
02/04/06: King Tut May Have Died of Infection From Sword Fight
02/02/06: Roman-era Romb Found in Crete
02/01/06: Secret Manifesto Reveals Intelligent Design Movement as 'Wedge' Strategy
02/01/06: South Pacific Island 'Cargo Cult' Honors American Named John Frum
01/30/06: Archaeologists Find Statue of Queen Tiye
01/27/06: 3,000 Year Old Skeleton Found in Attack Position
01/26/06: Fossils of 210-Million-Year Old Walking Crocidile Found
01/17/06: Scientists Discover Most Fertile Irish Male
01/12/06: Genetic Studies Show 3.5 Million Jews Descended From 4 Women
01/12/06: Remains of 2 Million Year Old Taung Child Believed to Have Been Killed by Eagle
01/11/06: Hollywood to Tap Indian Myths for Animation and Comics
01/10/06: Father of LSD Celebrates 100th Birthday
01/05/06: Ancient Village Found Outside Jerusalem Dating to Second Temple's Destruction