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12/30/08: Archaeologists Discover 4,000-Year-Old Macedonian Writing
12/30/08: Study Shows Competition, Not Climate Change, Led to Neandertal Extinction
12/29/08: Study Shows European Neandertals Had Ginger Hair and Freckles
12/27/08: Fake Ulfberht Swords Tended to Break in Battle and Get Buried With Their Owner While Real Ones Were More Often Dropped in Rivers
12/26/08: 70% of Americans Say Nonbelievers Can Go to Heaven
12/22/08: Israelis Unearth Byzantine Gold Hoard From Jerusalem's Old Wall
12/22/08: Deep Sea Squid Found That Swaps Genders and Employs Flesh-Burrowing Sperm
12/21/08: Rare First Century Half Shekel Coin Found in Temple Mount Dirt
12/20/08: DNA Analysis Suggests Neandertals May Have Overheated Their Bodies
12/19/08: Researchers Say Earliest Life Form's RNA Couldn't Withstand Heat
12/19/08: Three Near-Invisible Drawings Discovered on Back of Da Vinci Masterpiece
12/19/08: Tomb of Cyrus the Great Restored
12/18/08: Century-Old Swiss Watch Discovered in Ancient Tomb Sealed 400 Years Ago
12/17/08: Pharaoh Akhenaten Confirmed as Tutankhamun's Son
12/17/08: Economists Create Data Set Explaining Ancestral History as Root of Income Inequality
12/16/08: Quantum Computers Designed to Send 'Spooky' Messages Over 1,000 Kilometers
12/16/08: German Battlefield Shows Romans Were Deeper in Germany Than Previously Thought
12/12/08: Researchers Place 2,000-Year-Old 'Computer' in Western Greece
12/12/08: 70,000-Year-Old Tools With Handles Pushes Earliest Date Back 30,000 Years
12/11/08: Archaeologists to Date Brodgar Megaliths in Orkney
12/11/08: World's First 'Thought Images' Seen on Screen
12/10/08: Italian Archaeologists Find Ointment in Town of Magdala
12/10/08: Marine Archaeologist Links Carmel Mountain Flood to Noah's Deluge
12/10/08: Rare Artifacts Found in Home of Hadrian's Friend
12/09/08: Erosion Study Adds to Evidence That Sphinx Once Had a Lion Head
12/09/08: Ancient Pagan Temple Site Yields New Archaeological Clues on Origins of Farming
12/08/08: Mysterious Pyrmaid Built in Mexico May Be From Unknown Culture
12/08/08: 12,000-Year-Old Grave Holding Shaman Woman Discovered is Oldest Grave in Israel
12/08/08: DNA Testing Confirms Identity of Russia’s Last Tsar
12/07/08: Laos’ Mysterious 'Plain of Jars' May Be Ancient Graveyard of Urns
12/06/08: Cave Study Shows Mediterranean Had Dry Spell During Roman and Byzantine Decline
12/06/08: Shipwreck Clues Could Clear Blackbeard of Sinking His Ship to Swindle His Crew
12/05/08: Russian Archaeologists Find 21,000-Year-Old Statuette
12/04/08: Ancient City Found Deep in Amazonian Jungle Linked to Legendary Cloud People (Video)
12/03/08: 276,000-Year-Old Ethiopian Stone Tools May Push Humans Back 80,000 Years
12/03/08: Carbon-Dated Olive Branches Places Controversial Thera Eruption Date at 1613 B.C.
12/03/08: New Imaging Techniques May Unlock Dead Sea Scroll Mysteries
12/03/08: 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana Found in Gobi Desert is World's Oldest (Photos)
12/02/08: 6 Different Mosses Found in Intestine of5,200-Year-Old Eastern Alps Ice Man
12/01/08: Giant Blue Wing Emerges From Excavation of Ancient Parsa in Iran
12/01/08: Archaeologists Find Rare 4,000-Year-Old Bronze Necklace in Stone-Lined Grave in England
12/01/08: Trade Embargo Helps Stop Looting of Iraqi Archaeological Sites
11/29/08: Israeli Judge in Hoax Case Unconvinced 'Brother of Jesus' Ossuary is a Fake
11/29/08: Ancient Canoe Found at Bottom of Black Sea
11/28/08: Part of Buddha's Skull Found in 1,000-Year-Old Miniature Temple in Nanjing
11/28/08: First Credit Crunch Traced Back to Roman Republic
11/28/08: 3,000-Year-Old Median King With Fish Plaque Found in Kurdistan, Iran
11/26/08: New Pyramid of Queen Sesheshet Found at Saqqara
11/22/08: Research Shows Hadrian's Wall Boosted Ecoomy for Ancient Britons
11/21/08: 70,000-Year-Old Jewelry Making May Be Linked to Human Migration Out of Africa
11/21/08: Remains Found in Poland in 2005 COnfirmed as Copernicus
11/20/08: New Research Shows Modern Humans Threw Better Fastballs Than Neandertals
11/20/08: Amateur Treasure Hunter in London Finds Gold Collar From Iron Age
11/20/08: London Opens Exhibition on Byzantium
11/19/08: 2,000-Year-Old Roman-Stylized Frescoes Found in King Herod's Tomb (Video)
11/19/08: Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Herod Family Tombs
11/19/08: Indo-European Mummies From Xinjiang Used in Chinese Separatist Politics
11/19/08: Excavation of King David-Era Fort Stirs Debate on Size of Kingdom
11/28/08: Study Shows Marijuana Helps Prevent Alzheimer's and Memory Loss
11/19/08: Physicists Discuss the Nature of Time at Canadian Institute
11/18/08: 2,700-Year-Old Stone Slab Found in Turkey Says It Contains Soul of Deceased
11/18/08: 4,600-Year-Old Burial Found in Germany Contains Oldest Nuclear Family Killed
11/18/08: First Islamic Inscription Shows Qu'ran May Once Have Had Diacritical Marks
11/18/08: Forged Documents Claim Himmler Was Assassinated
11/17/08: Waldseemueller's 16th Century World Map Opens New World Mystery
11/16/08: Temple Mount's Aksa Mosque Was Possibly Built Over Byzantine Church
11/16/08: 3,000-Year-Old Cemetary Found in Iran
11/14/08: Hidden Room in Great Pyramid Reveals Evidence Pyramids May Have Been Built Inside Out
11/13/08: 1.2 Million-Year-Old Pelvis Bone Offers Clues to Brain Development
11/12/08: New Theory Emerges on How Warfare Shaped Evolution
11/12/08: Lebanese and Spanish Archaeologists Discover 2,900-Year-Old Phoenician Funerary Urns
11/12/08: Ancient Rome Lives Again on Google Earth
11/11/08: Hasmonean Wall Discovered on Mount Zion in Jerusalem
11/11/08: 5,000-Year-Old Relics Found in Iran
11/10/08: Multiverse Theory Provides Alternative to Intelligent Creator
11/10/08: 2,000-Year-Old Earring Found Under Jerusalem Parking Lot
11/10/08: Roman Emperor Head Discovered in Package
11/03/08: 3,000-Year-Old Pottery Shard Found Inscribed With Oldest Known Hebrew Text
10/30/08: Evidence of the Real Robinson Crusoe's Desert Island Campsite Found
10/29/08: 'Spider God' Temple Found in Peru
10/28/08: Archaeologists Unveil Secrets From Excavating Home of Martin Luther's "Poor" Upbringing
10/28/08: Cemeteries Chronicle How Societies Perceive Death
10/27/08: Research Suggests Big Neandertal Noses Are a Genetic Fluke
10/24/08: Inscribed Animal Bones Pushes Back Chinese Characters Over 1,300 Years
10/24/08: World's Oldest Cooked Cereal Was Instant
10/23/08: 300-Year-Old African Relic in U.S. Shows Pre-Enlightenment Tolerance for Witchcraft
10/23/08: 1300-Year-Old Lost Tantric University Found in India
10/22/08: Lost Stonehenge Heirloom Rediscovered in Desk Drawer
10/22/08: 15,000-Year-Old Pottery Found in Russia is World's Oldest
10/22/08: Pre-Incan Mummies Show Evidence of Hallucinogen Use
10/21/08: Toy Found With Stonehenge Baby May Be Britain's Oldest
10/20/08: 6,000-Year-Old Stone With Phallic Motif Provides Hard Evidence of Shamanism in Denmark
10/19/08: Prehistoric Drug Kit is Evidence of a Stoned Age
10/17/08: 'Gladiator' Tomb Found in Rome
10/17/08: Archaeologists Find Underground Passage Where Caligula Was Killed
10/16/08: Sudanese Pyramid Shows Ancient Egypt Had a Powerful Rival
10/16/08: Damaged Osiris Site in Egypt to Be Restored
10/14/08: Amazonian Queen Excavations Reveal Ancient Palace in Sanliurfa
10/13/08: 345,000-Year-Old 'Devil's Trails' Footprints in Italy are World's Oldest
10/13/08: Norsemen May Have Brought Christianity to Scotland Before St. Columba
10/13/08: Defense Think Tank Says Climate Change May Cause World Wars
10/11/08: 1,700-Year-Old Jewelry Discovered in Ephesus Necropolis
10/10/08: 570 Million-Year-Old Nevada Fossil May Be Oldest Animal Footprints Ever
10/09/08: New Findings Suggest Stonehenge Almost 500 Years Older Than Previously Believed
10/07/08: 7,500-Year-Old Axe From Serbia Proves Copper Was Used Earlier Than Thought
10/02/08: Satellite Image Reveals Ancient Peruvian Pyramid
10/03/08: 3,000-Year-Old Mycenaean Warrior Used Gold Sword Imported From Italy
10/02/08: 1,500-Year-Old Roman Tombs Found With Christian and Pagan Elements
10/02/08: Archaeological Find Puts Back Settlement of Istanbul 6,000 Years
10/02/08: Greek Archaeologists Discover Roman-Era Sculptures in Sunken Harbor
09/30/08: Ancient Church Discovered in Turkey One of the Earliest
09/29/08: Jewish Scholars Scour Four Continents for Missing Pages of 1,000-Year-Old Hebrew Bible
09/25/08: 5 Billion-Year-Old Rocks in Canada May Push Earth's Crust Back 300 Million Years
09/24/08: Ancient Statue of Ramses II Found Near Cairo
09/24/08: Archaeologists Discover Long Lost City of Pelagonia
09/23/08: 4,000-Year-Old Axe Heads Found on Farm on Isle of Man
09/21/08: DNA From Oregan Cave Puts Pre-Clovis Humans in America 14,300 Years Ago
09/20/08: Russian Archaeologist Finds Lost Medieval Jewish Capital of Khazars
09/19/08: New Excavations Show Troy May Have Housed Up to 10,000 People
09/19/08: Research Pushes Back History of Crop Development 10,000 Years
09/19/08: Suppossed Fourth-Century Christian Amulet Proven to Be 19th-Century Hoax
09/18/08: Hundreds of New Reef Creatures Found in Australia (Photos)
09/17/08: Satellite Images Indicate Venice Was Built From Ruins of Nearby City
09/16/08: Iraq War Hinders Excavation of 1,400-Year-Old Chaldean Monastary
09/14/08: India Convicts Man of Murder on Brain Scan Evidence
09/11/08: Animal Remains Near Stonehenge Suggest Ancient Pilgrims Came From as Far as Wales
09/10/08: Archaeologists Try to Save Sphinx From Pigeons and Neck Deterioration.
09/08/08: Neandertal Brains Went Through Prolonged Growth Like Human Brains
09/08/08: Neandertals Grew Fast But Matured Slow
09/07/08: 700,000 to 800,000-Year-Old Hunting Tools Found in Qatar
09/06/08: 9,000 to 10,000-Year-Old Goddess Statue Found in Western Iran
09/05/08: 8,250 to 10,500-Year-Old Phallic Figurines Found in Israel Stone Age Burials
09/05/08: DNA Shows That Last Wolly Mammoths Were Rooted in North America
09/04/08: Ethiopia Unveils 1,700-Year-Old Axum Obelisk Looted in 1930s By Italy
09/04/08: Mummified Fetuses Suggest Tutankamen Fathered Twins
09/04/08: Spread of Roman Empire May Explain Why Europeans Are More Susceptible to HIV
09/04/08: Melting Ice Reveals 6,500-Year-Old Artifacts in Swiss Alps
09/03/08: 13,600-Year-Old Skeleton Found in Underwater Labyrith is Oldest Found in Americas
09/02/08: 8,750 to 10,500-Year-Old Funerary Artifacts Excavated in Israel Include Phallus Figurine
09/01/08: Archaeologist Conference Discusses Damage to North Atlantic Sites By Climate Change
09/01/08: Taliban Deface 'Meditating Buddha' in Swat Valley
09/01/08: Face of Santa Claus Reconstructed (Photo)
08/28/08: Vatican Rules No 'Yahweh' in Songs, Prayers at Catholic Masses
08/28/08: Statue of Marcus Aurelius Discovered in Western Turkey
08/28/08: Israel to Display Dead Sea Scrolls Online
08/28/08: Ben Stein's 'Expelled' Blog Contains Mostly Criticism Against Him
08/24/08: James Tabor Investigates Tradition of Jesus' Crucifixion Was on Mt. Olives
08/22/08: Mexican Underwater Labyrith Contains Mayan Temples and Pyramids
08/15/08: 1,900-Year-Old Pagan Temple Found Under Byzantine Church in Israel
08/14/08: Ancient Cemetery Found Brings 'Green Sahara' Back to Life
08/13/08: Giant 40,000-Year-Old 'Kangaroos' Were Killed Off By Humans
08/12/08: New Invisibility Cloak 'Metamaterials' Can Bend Light 'Backward'
08/12/08: DNA Study Says Neandertals Didn't Mate With Modern Humans
08/12/08: Study Says Neglect, Not Looting, Threatens Iraq Sites (Photos)
08/10/08: North Pole Will Soon Have No Ice
08/07/08: Fetuses From King Tut's Tomb May Reveal Pharaoh's Mother
08/06/08: 8,500-Year-Old Milkpots Found in Turkey Pushes Cow Herding Back 2,000 Years
08/05/08: Model Indicates 'Megatooth' Shark Had Strongest Bite Ever
08/05/08: 14 Million-Year-Old Bugs and Plants Discovered in Antarctica
07/30/08: 1,900-Year-Old Greek 'Computer' Also Tracked Olympic Games
07/25/08: Pope Says Debates Between Creationists and Evolutionists are 'Absurdity'
07/24/08: German Researchers Claim to Have Found Hippodrome of Olympia
07/18/08: Big Brains in Old WOrld and New World Primates Evolved Independently
07/18/08: Satanist Father and Christian Mother Fight Sunday Morning Custody Rights
07/16/08: Undersea Volcanic Eruptions Linked to 93 Million-Year-Old Die-Off
07/10/08: Archaeologists to Refuse Help Over Possible Iran Strike
07/09/08: 50-Million-Year Old Fossils Provide Missing Link in Evolution of Shifted-Eyed Flatfish
07/08/08: Stonehenge May Have Been Used for Mortuary Burials
07/07/08: 'Gabriel's Revelation' Similar to Dead Sea Scrolls
07/07/08: Ancient River Camps Are Oldest Proof of Humans in Paris
07/01/08: Humans Wore Shoes 40,000 Years Ago
06/24/08: 'Arab' Found in Danish Iron-Age Grave
06/23/08: Study Says Ancient Eclipse Found in 'The Odyssey'
06/23/08: Climate Scientist Says Oil Firm Chiefs Should Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity
06/22/08: Poll Says Most Britons Doubt Cause of Climate Change
06/20/08: Ice Found Beneath Surface of Mars
06/18/08: 1,500-Year-Old Christian 'Holy Wine' Factory Found in Egypt
06/16/08: Scans See 'Gay Brain Differences'
06/14/08: World's Oldest Church Discovered in Jordan
06/14/08: Scientists Create a Bug That Eats Waste and Deficates Oil
06/10/08: Operation Lets Muslim Women Reclaim Their Virginity
06/06/08: Footprints May Put Humans in America 25,000 Years Earlier
06/01/08: James Tabor: 'Mariamne' Inscription in 'Jesus Tomb' Linked to Mary Magdalene
06/01/08: Islamic-Era Skeletons 'Disappeared' From Elad-Sponsored Dig Near Temple Mount
05/30/08: Cleopatra Bust Among Treasures Found in Egypt Temple
05/29/08: Study Says Stonehenge Was Cemetery First and Foremost
05/28/08: Ancient 'Snowball Earth' Melted Fast Due to Methane
05/27/08: 40,000 to 20,000-Year-Old Hunter-Gatherer Cave Uncovered in Western Galilee
05/27/08: Ancient Egyptian Temple Entrance Found in Nile River
05/27/08: Camel Fossil Unearthed in Gilbert, Arizona
05/27/08: Anthropologist Develops Software to Model How Religion Evolved
05/26/08: Stonehenge Builders Had Geometry Skills to Rival Pythagoras
05/26/08: Iraq's Babylon Bears Scars of US-Led Invasion
05/25/08: 2,000-Year-Old Silk Road Treasures Re-Discovered in Taliban Vault
05/24/08: 2,500-Year-Old Skeletons Discovered Underneath Swimming Pool in Guam
05/23/08: New Research Reverses 'Out of Taiwan' Migration Theory
05/23/08: New Study Suggests Orkney Islanders Are Related to Siberians
05/23/08: Archaeologists Discover Largest Bronze Age Settlement in Southern Netherlands
05/22/08: Paradeisos of Hyrcanus Ben Joseph Found
05/22/08: Stonehenge Vandalized by Souveneir Hunters
05/22/08: Ancient Chinese Irrigation System Survives Earthquake
05/22/08: African Beads Found in Ancient Irish Village
05/21/08: Roman Grainaries Found in Excavations in Northumberland, England
05/21/08: Coins of Emperor Valens Found in Egypt
05/20/08: Research Suggests Humans Colonized the World in Boats 70,000 Years Ago
05/20/08: Another Second Temple Period Quarry for Western Wall Found
05/20/08: Archaeologists Find 5 'Rings of Power' in 3,200-Year-Old Elamite Graves in Iran
05/18/08: Eminent Historian Debunks Scottish History as Largely Fabrication
05/18/08: Vatican Astonomer Says Aliens Could Possibly Exist
05/17/08: Ice Cores Reveal Carbon Dioxide and Methane Levels at 800,000 Year High
05/16/08: El Niño May Have Helped Magellan Cross the Pacific
05/16/08: Harrison Ford Elected to Board of the Archaeologist Institute of America
05/15/08: Divers Find Life-Sized Bust of Caesar in Rhine River
05/14/08: William Dever: 'The Bad Boy of Archaeology
05/13/08: Archaeologists Describe Indiana Jones as Tomb Raider; Only Nazis Conducted Real Archaeology
05/13/08: ...And German Archaeologists Find Altar of Queen Sheba That May Have Once Held the Ark of the Covenant
05/13/08: Remnants of Possible Oldest Buddhist Tower Uncovered
05/12/08: Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions of Diverse Ancestral Lineages in Druze of Israel
05/09/08: 1,000 Ancient Tombs Found in Colombia
05/09/08: Research Suggests Rainfall Decrease Turned Sahara Into a Desert
05/07/08: Archaeologists Uncover 85,000-Year-Old Caveman Bling in Morocco
05/07/08: Platypus Genome Reveals Reptilian and Mammalian Elements
05/06/08: Metal Detectors Find Viking Sword on Isle of Man
05/06/08: 1,200-Year-Old Irish Viking Trade Center Unearthed
05/06/08: Debate Kindles on Theory that Comets Caused Ancient American Extinctions
05/05/08: Professor of Celtic Studies Traces Welsh Roots to Spain and Portugal
05/02/08: The Forgotten History of Japanese Balloon Bombs
05/02/08: Yale Doctor Says Akhenaten's Feminine Depiction Was Due to Estrogen Overproduction
05/01/08: Roman Coffin Found in Herefordshire, England
04/30/08: De Beers Geologists Discover Sunken Treasure in Colombia-Era Ship
04/29/08: Roman Mass Grave in Gloucester, England May Hold Plague Victims
04/28/08: Genetic Evidence Shows Humans Replaced Neandertals
04/28/08: A Look at Herodotus' History of Persia
04/28/08: Egyptian Pyramids Packed With Marine Fossils
04/28/08: Japanese Tomb Opened to Scholars for First Time
04/25/08: Genetic Study Suggests Humans Nearly Vanished in Africa
04/24/08: Study Also Suggests Human Line Split Between North Africa and Khoi/San of South Africa for 100,000 Years
04/25/08: Holes in Ancient Incan Skull Reflect Skilled Medical Care
04/25/08: Gate of Nero Discovered in Germany
04/24/08: Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony to Be Uncovered
04/24/08: Exhibit Shows Ancient Links Between Persia and Korea
04/24/08: Geophysicist Finds Evidence for How Antartica Split From Africa
04/24/08: 'Hobbit' Islanders Show No Sign of Growth Disorder
04/23/08: Royal United Services Institute Warns Global Warming May Cause World Wars
04/23/08: Crown and Shield of Alexander the Great Possibly Found in Half-Brother's Tomb
04/23/08: Statues of Aphrodite and Dionysus Found in Phyrgian Temple of Cybele in Bulgaria
04/23/08: Pharaonic Temple and Christian Church Found Beneath Nile
04/23/08: Buried Dogs Were Divine 'Escorts' For Ancient Americans
04/23/08: Anglo-Saxon Invaders May Not Have Ruled Britain By Apartheid
04/22/08: Polish Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Nubian Church in Sudan
04/21/08: German Archaeologist Discovers 11,500-Year-Old Pre-Agricultural Temple in Turkey
04/21/08: 2,000-Year-Old Artifact With Hellenistic Influence Discovered in Sassanid, Iran
04/20/08: Richard Dawkins (Continued): Open Letter to Victim of Ben Stein's Lying Propaganda
04/19/08: 2,000-Year-Old Board Games Found on Kharg Island in Persian Gulf
04/19/08: Three 17,000-Year-Old Sites in Texas Show Evidence For Pre-Clovis Culture
04/18/08: Dental Work Claim Challenges Antiquity of 'Hobbit' Islander Skeleton
04/17/08: Pharaoh Seti I's Tomb Bigger Than Thought
04/17/08: Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III to Rise Again
04/17/08: 'Expelled' Producers Accused of Copyright Infringment (+Response)
04/17/08: Iranian Government Distributes Cheap Condoms and Syringes
04/16/08: Pope Calls Iraq War 'Defeat for Reason and for the Gospel'
04/16/08: Textile Analysis Suggests Mayans Produced Fine Fabrics
04/16/08: Rare Account Tells of Monostary Desolution By King Henry VIII
04/16/08: Flores' 'Hobbit' Walked More Like Clown Than Frodo
04/15/08: Ultraviolet Imaging Decodes Words of Archimedes Hidden in 13th Century Prayer Book
04/15/08: The Legend of the Crystal Skulls
04/15/08: Linguists Simulate Neandertal Speech
04/13/08: 2,500-Year-Old Greek Temple Discovered in Alexandria Proves Greeks Worshipped Pharaonic Deities
04/11/08: Italian Police Recover Marble Head of Marcus Aurelius' Brother
04/11/08: 1,400-Year-Old Anglo-Saxon Cemetary Excavation Shows Signs of Cult Centered Around Bejeweled Woman
04/11/08: Fallen Church Wall Reveals Ancient Norman Monument and Moat
04/11/08: Book Experts Attempt to Re-Create Jefferson Library
04/10/08: Pandemic Victims From 1,500-year-Old 'Justinian Plague' Found
04/10/08: Light Projectors Used to Restore Color to Column of Emperor Trajan
04/10/08: 2,000-Year-Old Roman Altar to Two Minor Goddesses Found in Manchester, England
04/09/08: First Stonehenge Excavation in 40 Years Unearths Bluestones Beleived to Be Used For Healing
04/09/08: 5,000-Year-Old 'Mini-Stonehenge' Discovered in Rochdale, England
04/09/08: 3,100-Year-Old Burial Site in Mexico Shows Mixtec Elites Ate Dog and Were Cremated
04/09/08: Pentagon Issues Hand-Held Lie Detectors to Troops in Afghanistan
04/09/08: Scientific American Review of 'Expelled': 'No Integrity Displayed' (+More Reviews & Info on the Wedge Strategy)
04/08/08: New Jersey Student Finds Conservative Bias in High School Civics Textbook
04/08/08: Viking Treasure From Middle East Found in Stockholm, Sweden
04/07/08: Aboriginal Tools in Western Australia Dated to 35,000 Years Ago
04/07/08: New Study Suggests Ancient Imbalances Caused Rapid Continental Shift in Last 320 Million Years
04/07/08: Global Climate to Fall in 2008 Due to La Niña
04/04/08: 30,000 Buddha Carvings and Sculptures Discovered at Pakistan Dam Site
04/03/08: DNA Evidence Shows Minoan Civilization Built By People From Anatolia
04/03/08: 14,300-year-Old Feces Points to Pre-Clovis Humans in North America
04/03/08: Ancient Aztec Arithmetic for Taxes Decoded
04/02/08: Archaeologist Believes Judean Palace Was Assyrian Administration Center
04/01/08: Archaeologists Unearth 4,000-Year-Old Gold Necklace in Southern Peru
04/01/08: New Paper Says Climate Change Helped Drive Woolly Mammoth Extinct
04/01/08: 3,000-Year-Old Ivory Depicts Whaling Scene
03/31/08: Ancient Temple Found Among Pre-Inca Ruins
03/29/08: 1,500-Year-Old Temple Discovered in Bangladesh
03/28/08: 15,000 to 20,000-Year-Old Weapons Found in India
03/27/08: Easter Island Mayor Wants 'Ear for Ear' Justice for Statue Vandal
03/27/08: Viking Treasure Found in North West England
03/27/08: Iron Age Bones Found at Olympic Park in London
03/27/08: Archaeologist Says Neandertal Crayons Evidence of Language
03/27/08: Ethnobotanist Discovers Recipe For Hatian Zombie Poison
03/27/08: Pre-Edison Phonautogram Found in Paris Archive
03/26/08: Secret Cave Used By Christians Hiding From Religious Authorities Found on West Sinai Coast
03/26/08: Linguistic Link Found Between Siberian and Native American Languages
03/26/08: 'First European' Confirmed to Be 1.2 Million Years Old
03/26/08: Indus Valley Links Unearthed in Qatar
03/25/08: Scientists Find Lackof Oxygen as Source of 2 Billion Year Delay in Animal Evolution 03/25/08: Archaeologists Find Evidence of Unknown Chinese Tribe
03/25/08: 4,000-Year-Old Timber Circle 'Seahenge' Put on Display in Norfolk
03/24/08: Anglo-Saxons Buried Modest Household Items With Dead
03/24/08: Genetic Study Shows Marked Differntation Between Pre- and Post Columbian Populations
03/23/08: Richard Dawkins on 'Expelled' (Continued): 'Lying for Jesus?'
03/23/06: Studies Warn Global Warming is Rapidly Raising Sea Levels
03/22/08: Big Statue of Amenhotep III Found in Luxor
03/22/08: Statue of Amenhotep's Wife, Queen Tiye, Found Also
03/22/08: New Evidence Suggests Volcanoes Killed Dinosaurs
03/21/08: Extinct Humans in Southern Africa Had Child-Like Faces and Larger Brains
03/21/08: Biology Professor P.Z. Myers Expelled From Screening of 'Expelled' (+Video)
03/20/08: Interview on Looting of Iraq's Museum
03/20/08: Oldest Human on Balkan's Unearthed in Macedonia
03/19/08: Giant Flowers in Australia and New Zealand Probably Came From Ancient Forests in Antartica
03/19/08: Iraq Museum Still Too Damaged to Reopen
03/19/08: Rare 1,800-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Found in Pakistan
03/19/08: Iraqi Archaeologists Discover Chaldean Town Near Babylon
03/18/08: German Archaeologists Discover 2,600-Year-Old Temple in Yemen
03/17/08: Plumber Discovers Neolithic Art on Orkney Beach After Storm
03/17/08: How the Greek Agora Changed the World
03/17/08: New Study Suggests Split Between Humans and Neandertals 300,000-400,000 Years Ago
03/17/08: German Fighter Pilot Learns He Shot Down His Favorite Author
03/14/08: Augustus' Temple of Apollo Digitally Reconstructed
03/14/08: New Study Suggests Modern Humans Left Africa Twice
03/14/08: Peru Archaeologists Find Ancient Pre-Inca Temple in Andes
03/14/08: Native Americans Can Trace DNA to Six Women From 20,000 Years Ago
03/13/08: Archaeologists Find 3rd Century Amulet With Jewish Prayer in Roman Child's Grave
03/13/08: Israeli Antiquities Authority Excavates First Temple Period Artifacts at Jerusalem's Western Wall
03/12/08: Oldest Animation Found on 5,200-Year-Old Bowl From Iran's Burnt City
03/12/08: Greek Team Finds Ancient Skull That Underwent Surgery
03/11/08: Greek Subway Workers Discover 1,000 Graves in Thessaloniki
03/11/08: Roman Villa Discovered in Cambridgeshire
03/11/08: 5,000-Year-Old Donkey Skeletons in Egypt Give Earliest Hard Evidence of Domestication
03/10/08: Ice Age Hand Axes Found Off English Coast
03/09/08: 10,000-Year-Old Inscriptions Found in Sri Lanka Cave
03/07/08: Archaeologist Says Stonehenge Skeletons Evidence of Ritual Combat
03/07/08: Road Workers Unearth 300-Year-Old Network of Smuggler Tunnels Under Somerset Castle
03/06/08: Rare, 3,000-Year-Old Mycenaean Tomb Found on Greek Island
03/06/08: New Study Suggests Grand Canyon Millions of Years Older Than Thought
03/04/08: Evidence of Commerce Between Crusade-Era Israel and China
03/03/08: Oldest Primate Fossil in North America Discovered
03/03/08: Beeswax From Centuries-Old Shipwrecks Still Found on Oregan Beaches
02/29/08: Satellite Researchers Say Maya May Have Caused Civilization-Ending Climate Change
02/27/08: Scientoloy Doctrine Plagarized From 1934 Book by German Doctor
02/26/08: 5,500-Year-Old Ceremonial Structure Found in Complex is Oldest in New World
02/20/08: Brain Control Headset Will Let Gamers Interact With Their Minds
02/19/08: Physicist Says Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning
02/18/08: Beach Ball-Sized Frog Fossil Found in Madagascar
02/12/08: Egypt's Earliest Farm Village Discovered (+Photos)
02/12/08: Ten Pyramids Discovered on Peruvian Coast
02/11/08: 70-Year-Old Man Burns Down Korea's Top Cultural Landmark
02/08/08: Peruvian Mummies Offer Evidence of Lice Spread With Humans Out of Africa
02/06/08: World's Oldest Oil Paintings Found in Afghani Caves Near Giant Destroyed Buddhas (+Photos)
02/01/08: The Ignored History of the Black Pharoahs of Nubian-Conquered Egypt
01/31/08: Oldest Horseshoe Crab Fossils Found in Canada
01/29/08: 2,500-Year-Old Chinese Tomb Discovered With Mass Sacrifice, Riches, and a Blood-Red Sword
01/28/08: 1,400-Year-Old Christian Mosaic Restored in Israel
01/25/08: Worship at Zeus' 'Birthplace' Predates the Greek God
01/24/08: Scientists Build First Man-Made Genome
01/18/08: How the First Divorce Changed History
01/16/08: 2-4 Million-year-Old Fossil of Bull-Sized 'Rat' Found in South America
01/16/08: Chinese Dinosaur Fossil Shows Evidence of Thick Skin
01/04/08: 800-Year-Old Aztec Pyramid Unearthed in Mexico City
01/04/08: Study Says Bone Ice Skates Were First Invented in Finland
01/03/08: 2008 to Be in Top 10 Warmest Years Despite La Niña
01/03/08: New Study Suggests Climate Change Dwindled Neandertal Populations