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12/29/07: Pope Sets Up Exorcist Squads to Fight the Devil
12/27/07: Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic Priests Brawl in Church of Naitivity
12/19/07: Ancient Warming Caused Chain Reaction in Temperature Growth
12/19/07: 25 Million-Year-Old Possum-Sized Kangaroo Ancestor Found in Australia
12/19/07: Study Says Whales Evolved From Racoon-Sized Deer-Like Mammals
12/17/07: Newly Discovered Wall Proves Temple of Amun Was Once Adjacent to Nile
12/17/07: Video of Syrian Village That Still Speaks Aramaic
12/16/07: Increase in Top 1% American Income of 2003-05 Exceeded Total Bottom 20%
12/14/07: Captain Kidd's Ship Possibly Found Off Dominican Island
12/13/07: 145-Million-Year-Old Meat-Eating Fungus Found Trapped in Amber
12/12/07: 99 Scientists Sign U.N. Letter Saying We Should Adapt to Climate Change, Not Fight It
12/11/07: Study Says Human Evolution is Speeding Up
12/07/07: Oldest Human Tuberculosis Case Found in 500,000-Year-Old Fossil
12/06/07: Dwarf Hippo Fossils Found on Cyprus
12/05/07: Throne Found Near Ancient Pompeii
12/04/07: Ancient Maya Marketplace Found
12/04/07: 1,400-Year-Old Mayan 'Death Vase' Possibly Used for Ritual Vomiting or Chocolate Enemas
12/03/07: 'Dinosaur Mummy' Found With Skin Intact (+Photos)
12/03/07: 1,900-Year-Old Syrian Jar Holds Cremated Infant
12/03/07: Christopher Hitchens: Hanukkah Celebrates Triumph of Religious Fundamentalism Over Epicurean Philosophy
12/01/07: Smithsonian Magazine Investiagtes Ethiopian Claim to Lost Ark
12/01/07: 50,000 Pilgrims Descend on Ethiopia's 'New jerusalem'
11/30/07: Nehemiah's Wall Discovered During Rescue Attempt on Jerusalem Tower
11/30/07: Dozens of Dinosaur Tracks Discovered in Utah
11/29/07: New Fossil Study Suggests Paranthropus robustus May Have Lived in 'Harem' Societies
11/27/07: Dinosaur Black Market Fuels Peasant/Police Conflicts in China
11/25/07: Pope Purges Modern Music and Reinstates Gregorian Chant
11/21/07: Advance in Stem-Cell Work Avoids Destroying Embryos
11/21/07: Claw to 230-Million-Year-Old Giant Sea Scorpion Unearthed
11/20/07: Pioneering 'Heat Wave' Gun May Be Used in Iraq
11/20/07: Photo Released of Newly-Discovered Cave Grotto of Romulus and Remus
11/15/07: Universal Flood Myth May Have Been Caused By Comet
11/15/07: Study Suggests Maya Rituals Caused Decline in Big Game
11/14/07: Impoverished Surfer Introduces Compelling Model for E8 'Theory of Everything'
11/13/07: 10 Million-Year-Old Jaw Bone May Belong to Human-Gorilla Ancestor
11/12/07: Oldest Temple and Mural in the Americas Found in Peru
11/12/07: Chocolate Origins Traced to Beer Makers 3,000 Years Ago
11/06/07: More Human-Neandertal Mixing Evidence Uncovered
11/05/07: New Calculations May Show Universe to Be 10%-20% Lighter Than Last Calculated
10/23/07: Solomon's Temple Artifacts Found by Muslim Workers
10/23/07: Expert Suggests Tut May Have Died in Hunting Accident
10/18/07: Neandertals Had Same 'Language Gene' as Modern Humans
10/17/07: 8,100-Year-Old Embracing Lovers Found Under Ancient House in Southeast Turkey
10/10/07: Insect Drones 'Spotted' on U.S. Streets
10/09/07: Interview With Catholic Theologian Hans Küng on Why Islam and Buddhism Are More Popular Than Christianity
10/06/07: Scientists Transplant Bacterium Genome Into Another Cell, Changing Its Species
10/01/07: Neandertals Ranged Much Further East Than Thought
09/27/07: Ancient Pharaoh Temple Found Inside Egypt Mosque
09/20/07: New Bone Analysis Suggests 'Hobbit' Islander Was Unique Species
09/19/07: Scholars Disagree on Whether Underwater 'City' Near Japan is Man-Made
09/19/07: Th 10 Most Amazing Temples in the World
09/17/07: Mammoth Dung and Prehistoric Goo May Speed Global Warming
09/07/07: New Research Suggests Virus May Be Cause of Honeybee Deaths
08/29/07: Surgeon General Report on Public Health Blocked By Bush Aide
08/29/07: Greenpeace Co-Founder Says Forestry Helps Environment
08/28/07: Most Successful Priate of All Time Was a Chinese Prostitute
08/24/07: Mother Teresa's Diary Reveals Crisis of Faith
08/22/07: Weird Deep Sea Creatures Found Along Mid-Atlantic Ridge
08/20/07: Canadian Physicists Suggest Brightest Supernova Gave Birth to Quark Star
08/20/07: New Study Says Women May Be Hardwired to Prefer Pink
08/20/07: German Study Says Paedophiles May Have Less Grey Matter
08/18/07: Intelligence Report Shows al-Qaeda Has Strengthened in Last Years
08/16/07: Blogger Proves NASA Slightly Off on Climate Calculations
08/09/07: Fossils Suggest Homo habilis and Homo erectus Were Neighbors
08/08/07: Scientists Excavate Giant Head and Leg of Emperor Hadrian in Turkey
08/08/07: England Less Diverse Than 1000 Years Ago
08/07/07: In Afghanistan, 900-Foot Sleeping Buddha Eludes Archaeologists
08/05/07: 'Million to One' Black and White Twins Celebrate Birthday
08/04/07: China Bans Unapproved Reincarnation in Tibet
08/03/07: 6,000-Year-Old Arctic Ponds Drying Out
08/02/07: Sex Pheremones Make Female Mice Grow Larger Brains
08/02/07: Israel Security Claims to Have Foiled HAMAS' Plans to Control Temple Mount
08/02/07: 33,000-Year-Old Skull May Be Neandertal/Modern Human Hybrid
08/02/07: Ancient Burial Chamber Recycled By Egyptian Nobles After 2,000 Years
08/01/07: Coal Plants Kill Tens of Thousands Every Year; Nuclear and Wind Kills No One
07/31/07: Ancient 'Lost' City of Rhakotis Found Under Waters of Alexandria
07/27/07: National Geographic Photo Gallery of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepset
07/26/07: NASA Probes First Case of Computer Sabotage
07/26/07: Previously Unknown Earthquake Helped Queen Boudica's Rebellion Against Rome
07/24/07: Biologists Find 'Monster' Fish in Mongolia
07/23/07: DNA Reveals Elephant Evolution Split At same Time as Primates
07/18/07: New Study Says Ancient Megaflood Made Britain an Island
07/18/07: Pakistan Says Knighthood of Salman Rushdie May Spark Terrorism
07/16/07: Why Scientists Know They're Not Wrong on Global Warming
07/14/07: London-Based Oil Depletion Analysis Center Says Oil to Run Out Sooner Than Governments and Oil Companies Admit
07/13/07: Ancient Jawbone Could Bridge Gap Between 2 Australopithecus Species
07/13/07: Chinese Villagers Use Dinosaur Fossils for 'Dragon Bone' Elixir
07/12/07: 2600-Year-old Cuneiform Inscription Names Babylonian Official From Book of Jeremiah
07/11/07: 15,000-Year-Old Egyptian Art Similar to Stone Age Paintings in Europe
07/10/07: CT Scan Provides Evidence That Mummy Buried Near King Tut is Akhenaten (+Photos)
07/07/07: Soot-Covered Snow May Help Cause Global Warming
07/07/07: Slave Passage Discovered Under George Washington's House
07/05/07: Tools Found Above and Below Ash of Volcanic 'Supereruption' in Indonesia
07/05/07: Red 'Octo-Squid' Caught Near Hawaii
07/04/07: Chicken Bones Suggest Polynesians Discovered Americas Before Colombus
07/03/07: Dodo Skeleton Found on Island
07/03/07: Poll Suggests 56% of Public Believe Global Warming is Exaggerated to Make Money
07/02/07: Hindu Shrine's Stalagmite Melts From Pilgrim's Body Heat
07/02/07: Fossils Show Largest Flying Bird Could Barely Get Off Ground
07/01/07: FAIR Reports IPCC Research Portrayed Differently in U.S. Than Other English News Outlets
06/28/07: Study Says New World Farming Began at Same Time as Near East's
06/27/07: Mummy of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut Finally Identified By Chipped Tooth
06/26/07: Poll Suggests 71% of Public Believe Global Warming is Natural
06/23/07: Looters Steal Arafat's Peace Prize
06/22/07: 1,800-Year-Old Mine Worker in Northwestern Iran Preserved in Salt
06/20/07: 3,500-Year-Old Nile Gold Factory Suggests Kush Kingdom More Powerful Than Thought
06/20/07: Italian Archaeologist Claims Holy Grail Buried Under Roman Basilica
06/20/07: National Post 'Deniers' Say Fjord Mud Shows Sunspots Drive Global Warming
06/19/07: Vatican Issues 'Ten Commandments' For Good Motorists
06/19/07: The Apocalyptic Side of Newton
06/19/07: Six Scientists Criticize IPCC For Underestimating Scale of Sea-Level Rises
06/13/07: Century-Old Explosive Arrow Found Embedded Inside Dead Whale
06/13/07: Baptists Approve Resolution Saying Global Warming Regulations Will Hurt the Poor
06/08/07: Computer Data Stored in Living Neurons
06/07/07: MIT Discovers Wireless Electricity
06/07/07: Dirty Snow May Warm Arctic As Much as Greenhouse Gases
06/05/07: Photos Show Mystery Skeleton Sticking Out of Newfoundland Iceburg
06/04/07: Homeland Security Wants Cell Phones to Detect Chemical and Radioactive Material
06/03/07: Freshwater Crabs Thrive in Ruins of Trajan's Forum in Rome
06/01/07: Amateur Astronomers Discover Giant Planet With Strange Orbit
05/31/07: NASA and Columbia Institute Say Earth's Climate is Approaching 'Tipping Point'
05/31/07: NASA Chief Unsure Global Warming is a Problem
05/31/07: Scientists Say Walking Upright Started in Treetops
05/30/07: Million-Year-Old Tooth of Human Ancestor Found in Spain
05/29/07: Media Matters Report on Skewed Representation of Religion in Major News Media
05/25/07: 11-Year-Old Alabama Boy Shoots Thousand-Pound Hog Dead
05/23/07: Hammerhead Shark's Virgin Birth Stuns Scientists
05/22/07: Research Claims Finger Length Can Predict SAT Performance
05/21/07: Sharks and Humans Share Genetic Link
05/21/07: Egyptian Lecturer Suspended for Suggesting Symbolic Breastfeeding to Get Around Islamic Law
05/20/07: Hong Kong Media Decency Watchdog Receives 2,000 Complaints of Sex, Violence, and Incest in the Bible
05/18/07: Geopolymer Director Discovers Great Pyramids of Giza Stones Were Not Carved But Made of Limestone Concrete
05/18/07: Ancient Rock Carvings Suggests Chinese Language Much Older Than Previously Believed
05/17/07: Archaeological Papers Describe Snake Cult Dominance in Early Arabia
05/16/07: NewScientist.Com: Climate Change Guide for the Perplexed
??/??/??: Gristmill Series: How to Speak to a Climate Skeptic
05/15/07: 5,000-Year-Old Giant Oyster Supports Theory That Bangkok Was Once Underwater
05/15/07: Archaeologists Unearth Christian Church From 300's in Serbia
05/15/07: World's Oldest Anchor Found in Turkish Port
05/15/07: 2,000-Year-Old Royal Temple Discovered in Ireland
05/14/07: Analysis Done on Ancient Greek 'Computer'
05/14/07: Alexander the Great's Siege of Tyre Helped by Natural Land Bridge
05/14/07: False Teeth With Gold Wire Found in Roman Necropolis
05/11/07: 'Terminator'-like Kill-bots to Be Run on System Called 'Skynet'
05/10/07: Ancient Star Found to Be Nearly Almost as Old as the Universe
05/09/07: Research Team Finds Proof Modern Medicine Began in Egypt, Not Greece
05/09/07: New Piece of Great Wall of China Found
05/08/07: Study Reveals Romans Built Their Towns on Astronomical Grids
05/09/07: Greek Archaeologists Discover 2,700-Year-Old Urn Holding Fruit and Fabric
05/08/07: DNA Study of Australian Aborignes Supports Out of Africa Theory
05/08/07: King Herod's Tomb Discovered in Herodium (+Photos)
05/07/07: About Half of Iraq's Christian Minority May Have Fled the Country
05/07/07: American Jew Writes on the Heroism of Arabs in the Holocaust Years
05/07/07: Unicorn Pottery Found in Pakistan
05/06/07: Israel Museum Unveils Heliodorus Stele From Maccabee Era
05/06/07: Relief of Archer on Horseback Found in Iran
05/06/07: Neo-Elamite Rings and Goddess Statues Found in Iran
05/04/07: Man Finds 15 Million Year Old Petrified Forest Near Yakima, Washington
05/04/07: Stone Age Site in China Yields Evidence of Advanced Culture
05/04/07: Native American DNA Found in U.K.
05/03/07: Shepherd Leads Experts to Ancient Buddha Cave Paintings in Nepal
05/03/07: Spiegal: Does IPCC Harm Science by Emotionalizing Climate Change?
05/02/07: Gladiator's Graveyard Found in Turkey
05/02/07: 1,300-Year-Old Skeleton and Jewels Found in Bolivian Pyramid
05/01/07: Musicians Unlock Mystery at 'DaVinci' Chapel in Scotland
05/01/07: How the Epic of Gilgamesh Was Rediscovered
05/01/07: Research at 4,200-Year-Old Temple in Peru Yields Clues to an Ancient People
05/01/07: Scientists Discover Oldest American Solar Observatory in Peru
05/01/07: Study Suggests Early Humans Dug for Food
05/01/07: Evidence of Sacrifice Suggests Tombs in Syria Belonged to Bronze Age Royalty
04/30/07: Study of Apes Suggests Language Began With Gestures
04/30/07: Microbiologists Believe Cells Can Survive in Life-Death Limbo
04/29/07: Gladiator Mosaic Found Near Home of Roman Emperor Commodus
04/28/07: 10,000-Year-Old Camel Bones Found in Arizona By Workers Digging at Wal-Mart Site
04/27/07: Remains of Aeneid's Temple to Minerva Believed Found on Italian Peninsula
04/27/07: 55-Million-Year-Old Volcanoes Warmed Earth
04/27/07: Art Exhibition Shows Ancient Armenian Culture
04/26/07: High-Tech Imaging Finds New Layer on Aristotle in Medieval Prayer Book
04/26/07: Archaeologists Search For Templar Water Mills at 2012 Olympic Games Site
04/26/07: First-Ever Stone Age Remains From 10,000 Years Ago Found in Guthenburg, Sweden
04/26/07: Professor Attributes Shakespeare's Curse to Explain Surivival of His Remains
04/25/07: Scientists Discover Giant Prehistoric Fungus That Grew Out of the Ground Like a Tree
04/23/07: 300-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Rainforest Under Illinois Coalmine Explored
04/23/07: 'Lost World' Found Underneath North Sea
04/23/07: 45,000-Year-Old Carvings Suggest First Europeans Came From East
04/22/07: Karnak Temple Discovery Shows Ancient Egyptians Shielded Temple From Nile Water
04/19/07: Pre-Incan Metallurgy Discovered
04/18/07: Island 'Hobbits' Believed to Have Been Short Because of 'Island Rule'
04/17/07: Research Shows Amphibians Developed Biting Before Walking on Land
04/16/07: Archaeologist Argues That Rats Helped Destroy Easter Island Population
04/16/07: Survey Says Daily Show/Colbert Viewers Most Knowledgeable; Fox News Viewers Rank Lowest
04/16/07: Egypt Sore Over Berlin Museum Setting Bust of Akhenaten's Wife on Nude Statue
04/13/07: Almost 2/3 of Americans Believe the Bible Answers Life's Questions But Only Half Can Name the 4 Gospels
04/13/07: CT Scans to Be Performed on Skulls From Sumerian Royal Cemetary in Ur
04/13/07: Early Humans Mined Tochigi Mountain in Japan 35,000 Years Ago for Obsiadian
04/12/07: Archaeology Teams Search for Rob Roy's House
04/12/07: Ancient Mega-Lake Discovered Below Darfur, One of the Driest Areas in World
04/12/07: T. Rex Protein Analysis Supports Genetic Link With Birds
04/12/07: Archaeologists Discover Medieval Jewish Bath in Germany
04/11/07: Iron Age Statue Found Buried Like a Corpse In Iran
04/11/07: Iran's Burnt City Was Site of First Known Brain Surgery
04/10/07: U.N. Considers Climate Change Push
04/10/07: Purple Paint on China's Terracotta Army Suggests Religious Links
04/10/07: British Treasure Hunter Finds Anglo-Saxon Pendant from 600's A.D.
04/10/07: Earthquake Lifts Island 10 Feet Out of Ocean
04/09/07: 'Fortress of Solitude'-Like Crystal Cave Discovered in Mexico
04/09/07: Survey Suggests Prehistoric Humans Chose Caves By Five Criteria
04/09/07: 150 Graduates From Pat Robertson's College in Bush Administration
04/08/07: Ancient Phallic Stones Discovered in Ethiopia
04/06/07: U.S. Climate Scientists Allege White House Pressure
04/06/07: Amulets Believed to Have Been Worn by Stonehenge Leaders
04/05/07: Two More Ancient Ovens Found in Thailand
04/04/07: Bones of Joan of Arc Turn Out to Be an Ancient Cat
04/03/07: 5,000-Year-Old Brick Platform Found in Central Iran
04/03/07: Geneticists Find DNA Evidence Suggesting Etruscans Originated From the Middle East
04/02/07: Egyptian Archaeologists Discover 1500 B.C. Eruption From Sinai Volcano
04/02/07: 40,000-Year-Old Bone Fragments in China Suggest Humans and Neanderthals Interbred
04/02/07: Schools Drop Holocaust and Crusader History to Avoid Offending People
04/02/07: French Architect Theorizes That the Great Pyramid Was Built Inside Out
04/02/07: Anthropologists Debate the Evolution of Sex Roles
04/03/07: 42-Million-Year-Old Primates Discovered in Southern Texas
04/02/07: French Man Arrested for Trying to Sell Strands of Hair From Ramses the Great on Net
04/01/07: Video on Decoding the Future With Genomics
04/01/07: Christopher Hitchens: Thomas Jefferson Verses the Muslim Pirates
04/01/07: Diary May Provide Clues to Amelia Earhart Mystery
03/31/07: First Century Jewish City Found in Palestinian Suburb of Jerusalem by Tram Line Workers
03/31/07: Wall From Solomon's Temple Found in Jerusalem
03/30/07: Greece Asks Vatican to Return Partheon Fragments
03/30/07: Interview With the Madras Indus Scholar
03/29/07: Iran Loses Fight to Recover Ancient Heirlooms From Being Auctioned Off
03/29/07: Scientists Discover Artifacts Linking India and Mediterranean Civilizations
03/28/07: Study Suggests Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Didn't Help Mammals Diversify
03/28/07: French Archaeologists Find Legendary Islamic Kingdom in Ethiopia
03/27/07: Bizzarre Hexagon Spotted on Saturn
03/26/07: Researchers Link Human Brain Size to Climate
03/24/07: Man's Earliest Direct Ancestors Looked More Apelike Than Previously Believed
03/23/07: Brazilian Capuchin Monkeys Teach Each Other How to Bang on Rocks
03/23/07: Ancient Lizard Shows Earliest Example of Evolutionary Limbloss
03/22/07: An Historical Review of the Movie 300
03/22/07: London Expert Says 'Starving Buddha' Returned to Pakistan is a "Very Bad Copy"
03/21/07: New Map Proves Portuguese Discovered Australia Before Captain Cook
03/20/07: 15,000-Year-Old 'Venus' Figurines Found in Poland
03/20/07: Archaeologists Discover Fabled Illyrian Ships
03/19/07: Hidden Chamber Excavted in Home of Thomas Jefferson's Girlfriend
03/19/07: 4,000-Year-Old Perfume Factory Found on Cyprus
03/17/07: Alexander the Great's Glass Phallus Returned to Afghanistan Amongst Celebration and Prayer
03/14/07: Research Suggests Interspecies Hybrids More Widespread Than Previously Believed
03/13/07: 160,000-Year-Old Jawbone From Morocco Pushes Modern Humans Back 100,000 Years
03/13/07: Archaeologists Find Ancient Cyro-Minoan Writings Used by Philistines
03/13/07: Christian Archaeologists Search for Sodom
03/12/07: Bones Reveal 5500-Year-Old Massacre in Neolithic England
03/12/07: Study Shows Short Legs Made for Better Fighters
03/12/07: Chimps Beat Humans in Memory Test
03/09/07: Crystal With Anchor Suggests Christianity Came to Denmark 600 Years Earlier Than Previously Believed
03/09/07: Masada Fotress Needs $18 Million Repair Before It Collapses
03/09/07: Gandharan Buddha Statues Illegally Excavated From Pakistan Returned
03/09/08: Israel Unveils Portable Hunter-Killer Robot Named VIPeR
03/06/07: First-Ever 7,000-Year-Old Dwelling Mound Found in Germany
03/05/07: Eastern Porch of Persian Emperor Darius' Palace Found in Bolaghi Gorge
03/05/07: Genetic Study Suggests English and Irish Closely Related
03/05/07: Indus Valley Wider and More Varied Than Previously Believed
03/05/07: Archaeologists Find Ancient Marketplace in Athens
03/03/07: First Temple to Both Zeus and Hera Found Near Mt. Olympus
03/02/07: Forgotten Necropolis Reveals Ancient Civilization Lasting 6,000 Years in Northern Greece
02/28/07: Climate Panel Recommends Global Temperature Ceiling and Carbon Tax
02/28/07: Scientist Says Marks Warming Points to Solar-Caused Global Warming
02/27/07: Huge Underground 'Ocean' Found Beneath Asia
02/25/07: Scorn Poured on Director's 'Coffin of Christ' Theory
02/24/07: Historian Provides Evidence That Lawrence of Arabia Was a Zionist
02/22/07: Researchers Find Chimps Who Hunt With Spears
02/22/07: NASA Plans on Launching Probe to Search for Alien Life
02/22/07: Experts Doubt Clovis People Were First in Americas
02/22/07: Construction Workers in Colombia Find 46 Tombs Dating Back Some 2,000 Years
02/20/07: 5,000-Year-Old Golden Eye Found on Iran-Afghan Border
02/20/07: 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Found Near Egypt's Oldest Pyramid
02/20/07: Greenland to License Oil Exploration as Ice Melts
02/19/07: Anglican Church Plans to Reunite Under Pope
02/15/07: Ancient Coin Suggests Cleopatra Was No Beauty
02/17/07: Giant Glowing Squid Filmed Near Japan
02/13/07: Experts Say U.S. Should Worry About Chinese Anti-Satellite Device
02/12/07: Navy Shows Off Gun-Totting Dolphins (Some May Have Escaped Before)
02/12/07: Research Team Says Chimps May Have Used Hammers 4,300 Years Ago
02/09/07: New Brain Scanning Technique Allows Scientists to Peer Inside Your Soul
02/08/07: Study Shows Darwin's Missing Origin of the Species Preface Written Before 2nd Edition
02/08/07: Couple Buried 5,000 Years Ago Uncovered Still Embracing
02/08/07: NASA Climatologists Say 2006 Was Earth's 5th Warmest Year
02/07/07: Study of Parents Finds Kids Are Depressing
02/06/07: Anti-Defamation League Reports Klu Klux Klan Rebounding With New Focus on Immigration
02/03/07: IPCC Panel Says Global Warming 'Unequivocal' and Will Continue for Centuries
02/02/07: Scientists Offered Cash to Dispute Climate Study
02/02/07: Climate Change Questions Answered
02/02/07: New Cheap Drug Kills Most Cancers
02/02/07: French Schools Warned About Islamic Creationism Books Mailed From Germany and Turkey
01/31/07: Nero's Golden Palace Partly Reopens
01/30/07: Houses Belonging to Stonehenge's Builders Found
01/29/07: Brain Study Shows Indonesian 'Hobbits' Are New Species, Not a Diseased Human
01/29/07: Female Orgasm Would Kill a Man
01/29/07: Green Party Warns Consumers About Microsoft Vista
01/28/07: Germany's "Moral Imperative" to Criminalize Holocaust Denial Runs Into Problems With Free Speech Advocates
01/27/07: Normandy Gives Hints of 300-Year Defiance of the Roman Empire
01/26/07: Sacred Cave of Romulus and Remus Found
01/26/07: Ancient City Showing Olmec Influence Found in Mexico
01/26/07: U.N. Adopts Holocaust Denial Resolution
01/25/07: U.S. Military Unveils Heat Ray Gun
01/23/07: 5,000-Year-Old Snake Protection Spell May Be Oldest Semitic Script Found
01/22/07: Rare 'Prehistoric' Shark Photographed Alive
01/20/07: Mystery Woman May Have Lived in Jungle for 19 Years
01/20/07: Amateur Archaeologist Finds Oldest New World Furnace, Built in Virginia in 1619
01/19/07: New Edition of Encyclopedia Judaica Casts Doubt on Existence of Moses
01/17/07: Structure in Peru May Yield Clues to 'Cloud Warrior' Culture
01/11/07: Earliest Evidence for Modern Humans in Europe Found Dates Back 45,000 Years
01/10/07: Russian Archaeologists Find 2000-Year-Old Warrior in Permafrost
01/10/07: 600-Year-Old Mummy Discovered in Vault in Amazon
01/04/07: First Muslim in U.S. Congress Swears Oath on Koran
01/04/07: 6,000-Year-Old Clay Balls Found in Syria Used in Oldest Known Offensive War
01/03/07: 9-Minute Walk to Toilet Adds Evidence to Theory That Qumran Was Inhabited by Essenes
01/02/07: British/Greek Team Discovers Smashed Idols on Greek Islet of Keros
01/01/07: Discover's Top 100 Science Stories of 2006
01/01/07: Archaeology.Org's Top 10 Discoveries of 2006
01/01/07: 2,000-Year-Old Buddhist Sculpture of Dancing Yaksha Spirits Found in India
01/01/07: AP-AOL News Poll Suggests 1 in 4 Americans Believe 2007 to Bring Second Coming of Christ