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12/28/09: What Happened to the Hominids Who May Have Been Smarter Than Us?
12/28/09: Australian Astronomer Uses Aboriginal Folklore and Google Maps to Locate Meteorite Crater
12/28/09: From Ur's Royal Tomb: C. Leonard Wooley's First Excavations of Mesopotamia in the 1920s
12/24/09: U.S. Archaeologist Argues Alcohol Was Prime Incentive to Growing Crops
12/24/09: Cracked: The 6 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Historic Treasures
12/23/09: 750,000-Year-Old Stone Tools and Living Spaces Found Along Dead Sea Pushes Earliest Modern Behavior Back Half a Million Years
12/23/09: Ancient Mayans Likely Had Fountains and Toilets
12/23/09: 13,000-Year-Old Tree Survives in California
12/22/09: James Tabor: December 25th as the Date of the Birth of Jesus
12/21/09: 2,000-Year-Old Dwelling Found in Nazareth
12/20/09: Midland Museums Face Vatican Battle Over 1,400-Year-Old Lost Treausure of Saxon King Edwin
12/18/09: 9-Ton Pylon Lifted From Cleopatra's Underwater City
12/17/09: Submerged Man-Made Structures Off Orkney Could Help Find Solutions to Rising Sea Levels
12/17/09: 12,000 to 16,000-Year-Old Carvings Found in California
12/16/09: Burial Cloth Found in Jerusalem Cave Completely Different Design Than Turin Shroud
12/16/09: James Tabor: The Tomb of the Shroud: Earliest Case of Leprosy

12/15/09: Pope Benedict: Rich Nations Must Assume Responsibility for Global Warming
12/15/09: French Find Puts Humans in Europe 200,000 Years Earlier
12/14/09: Study Reveals Why Infants Can't Walk
12/10/09: Hasmonean Rule Reached South to Negev Highlands

12/10/09: Heroes or Rabble-Rousers? The Real Story of the Maccabees
12/10/09: Evidence of 45,000 to 50,000-Year-Old Human Occupation Found in Australia
12/10/09: Bones of 10,000 Young African Slaves Found Buried in British Territory in South Atlantic
12/09/09: 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Cuneifotm Tablets Found in Southeastern Turkey
12/08/09: French Immigrants Founded First British Farms
12/07/09: Four Ceremonial Fountains Discovered at Machu Picchu Used Knowledge Superior to the Spanish That Wiped Them Out
12/07/09: Remains Of Minoan-Style Painting Discovered During Excavations Of Canaanite Palace
12/06/09: Signs of Feline DNA in AIDS Suggest Virus Date Back to Ancient Tiger
12/04/09: Ruins of Pompeii Now on Google Streetview
12/04/09: New Study Adds Evidence to 73,000-Year-Old Toba Eruption
12/03/09: Research Shows China Had Bronze 4,000 Years Ago
12/03/09: Analyses of 3,000 Mummies Reveals Ancient Egyptians Suffered Major Tooth Problems
12/02/09: Italian Experts Claim Bronze Weapons Prove Heordotus' Story of Cambyses Losing 50,000 Soldiers in Egypt is True
12/01/09: Ancient Chinese Statues Believed to Be Greek God of Love, Eros
12/01/09: Viking ‘Recycling’ Centre Discovered at Battle of Fulford Site Near York
11/30/09: Study Suggests Men and Women Respond Differently to Danger
11/27/09: 10,000-Year-Old Stone Weapon Found in Ontario
11/26/09: Pictish Throne Built as Part of New Research Project
11/25/09: 3,800-Year-Old Old Babylonian Seal at Tel Al-Dabaa Provides Link Between Egypt and Babylon
11/24/09: Four Ways We May, or May Not, Evolve
11/22/09: Remains of Hammurabi Seal Discovered in Cairo
11/21/09: Vatican Slams 'New Moon' Film as 'Deviant Moral Vacuum'
11/20/09: Digital Map Reveals Israeli Archaeology
11/19/09: Hadrian’s Academy Unearthed in Rome?
11/19/09: Woolly Mammoths Faced Extinction 2,000 Years Before Speartips Were Invented
11/19/09: Research Shows Ancient Greeks Deliberately Built Their Temples to Face the Rising Sun
11/19/09: Canaanites the Art Collectors of Their Day
11/19/09: 5 'Oddball' Crocs Discovered: DuckCroc, DogCroc, PancakeCroc, RatCroc, and Dino-Eating BoarCroc
11/19/09: Copper Plate Inscription Throws New Light on 1,500-Year-Old Alupas of India
11/16/09: Prehistoric Goat Survived Millenia By Changing Its Growth Rate and Metabolism Like a Reptile
11/15/09: First Universal Programmable Quantum Computer Unveiled
11/11/09: Israel Displays 2,000-Year-Old Coins Excavated From Jewish Temple Site
11/11/09: Does Jesus Save Aliens? Vatican Has No Official Position on Alien Life Forms
11/10/09: Catholic Leaders Call in Experts to Discuss Implications of Astrobiology
11/09/09: 2,000-Year-Old Carving in Galilee is Earliest Known Depiction of Second Temple Lamp Uncovered
11/09/09: 2012 Prophecies Sparking Real Fears and Suicide Warnings
11/06/09: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked
11/04/09: Structuralist Archaeologist Claude Lévi-Strauss Dies at 100
11/03/09: James Tabor: What Are the Odds the Talpiot Tomb Belongs to Jesus?

11/01/09: James Tabor: The Gospel of Mark: Priority Does not Mean Primacy
10/30/09: Pope Slams 'Anti-Christian Festival' in "The Dangerous Messages of Halloween"
10/27/09: Mystery Stone Found Near Church Linked to Knights Templar
10/27/09: Analysis Suggests 50-Million-Year-Old Algeripithecus Was Not Human Ancestor, Meaning Humans Might Not Be From Africa
10/27/09: The Archaeology of Halloween, Witches and Witchcraft, Creatures of the Night, and Ancient Curses and Magic
10/26/09: Ritual Deaths at Ancient Sumerian City of Ur Were Not Suicide

10/25/09: Genetic Analysis Says Neandertals ‘Had Sex’ With Modern Man
10/24/09: Phoenician Remains Found at Malaga Airport
10/23/09: Evidence Alexander the Great Wasn't First at Alexandria
10/23/09: Cambridge Study Finds Ancient Greeks Introduced Wine to France
10/23/09: Comets Didn't Wipe out Sabertooths and Early Americans?
10/22/09: Research Suggests 'Lucy' Ate More Grass Than Nuts
10/21/09: Ancient Auditorium, Called Athenaeum, Unveiled In Rome
10/20/09: Pope Makes It Easier for Anglicans to Convert
10/18/09: Could the Large Hadron Collider be Sabotaging Itself From the Future?
10/18/09: Cracked: 5 Myths That People Don't Realize Are Admitted Hoaxes
10/16/09: India Asteroid Killed Dinosaurs, Made Largest Crater?
10/16/09: Scientists Give Flies False Memories
10/14/09: Mussolini Was a British Spy
10/14/09: Prehistoric Australian Aboriginals Could Have Outrun Record Holder
10/13/09: Odd New Pterosaur: "Darwin's Wing" Fills Evolution Gap
10/10/09: Academic Claims Bible Says God Seperated, Not Created, Heaven and Earth
10/09/09: New Theory Suggests One Third of Dinosaur Species Are Juveniles of Other Species
10/08/09: Early Hominid First Walked On Two Legs In The Woods
10/06/09: Mini "BlueStonehenge" Found Near Original

10/05/09: Italian Scientist Reproduces the Shroud of Turin
10/06/09: 1,500-Year-Old Synagogue Discovered in Turkey
10/03/09: Statue Head to Undergo 3D Scan to See if It is a Rare Marble Statue of Young Nero
10/03/09: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Revealed to Have Jewish Past
10/01/09: Oldest Human Ancestor 'Ardi' From Chad Dated 4.4 Million Years Ago
10/01/09: Archaeologists Discover Amphitheatre In Excavation Of Portus, Ancient Port Of Rome
09/29/09: Archeologists Say They've Found Remains of World's Oldest Human Brain in Southeastern Armenia
09/29/09: Egg-Shaped 500-Carat Diamond Found at South African Mine
09/29/09: Archaeologists Find 'Nero's Party Piece' in Roman Dig
09/28/09: Italy's Blue Grotto Sea Cave Was Once Decorated By Roman Statues of Sea Gods
09/26/09: Coins Found Bearing Name of Joseph Depict Cow Linked to Pharaoh's Dream
09/25/09: Genetic Study Finds No Divide Between Aryan and Dravidian Indians
09/25/09: French Archaeologists Discover 8,500-Year-Old Sea Cow Worship Site on Island North of Dubai
09/25/09: German Excavation Finds 5,000-year-old Venus Figure in Çanakkale, Turkey
09/24/09: Largest Anglo-Saxon Treasure Found in Britain Dates to 700s A.D.
09/24/09: Study Says Scandinavians Descended From People Who Arrived With Introduction of Agriculture
09/23/09: 2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath Found in Jerusalem

09/23/09: The Comet Impact That Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Had Little Effect on Life in Europe
09/22/09: New Section of China's Great Wall Shows It Stretched 7 Miles Further East
09/22/09: Archaeologists Find Burial Cellar In Ancient Syrian City Containing Spectacular Artifacts
09/21/09: 1,800 Year-Old Marble Figurine Found in Israel
09/21/09: Omrit - Herod's Mystery Temple?
09/21/09: Oldest Lunar Calendars and Earliest Constellations Identified in Cave Art Found in France and Germany
09/21/09: Istanbul Tunnel Links Continents and Uncovers Ancient Byzantine History
09/21/09: Egyptian Researchers Attempt to Date Construction of Great Pyramid
09/09/09: Mysterious Script on 2,000-Year-Old Mug From Mt. Zion Stumps Experts

09/08/09: Israeli Government Yanks Ads Warning Against Marrying Non-Jews
09/04/09: Dogs First Tamed in China -- To Be Food?
09/03/09: Genetic Study Shows Hunter-Gatherers and First Farmers Were Segregated
09/02/09: Lower Paleolithic Sites Discovered in Southeastern Iran

09/01/09: 3,000-Year-Old Ankh Fragment Links Ancient Egypt and Jordan Valley Site
09/01/09: Mathematicians and Scientists Hope to Decode Ancient Indus Valley Script

09/01/09: Hill Fort in Wales May Date Back 3,000 Years
08/31/09: Part of Mausoleum of Mausolus, The 5th 'Ancient Wonder', May Form Part of Maltese Dockyard
08/31/09: Recent Digs Show Ancient World More Advanced Than Previously Believed
08/29/09: Archaeologists in Crete Find Rare Ancient Jewels in 2,900-Year-Old Tombs of Women From Advanced Culture
08/28/09: Lavish Burial Site Found Near Possible Remains of Alexander the Great's Son
08/28/09: Excavation on Santorini Reveals Minoan 'Atlantis' Destroyed By Volcano

08/28/09: Germany Marks 2,000th Anniversary of Hermann's Slaughter of the Roman Legions
08/28/09: Bulgaria Recreates Orpheus' Lyre
08/27/09: 1,800-Year-Old Roman Building Discovered in Jerusalem
08/27/09: Swedish Archaeologists Uncover 7th Century Burial Ship
08/27/09: Gold-Plated Roman Horse Head Found in Germany

08/27/09: Destruction of Parthian Sites on the Rise in Iran
08/26/09: Archaeologists Try to 'Acquaint the Saudi Public With the Idea of Exploring the Past'
08/26/09: Children From Dove World Outreach Center Sent Home For Wearing 'Islam is of the Devil' Shirts
08/26/09: Brain Changes May Have Led to Stone Age Tools
08/26/09: Israeli Dig Finds Ancient Gemstone With Image of Alexander the Great
08/25/09: Archaeologists Uncover Large Roman Statue of Augustus
08/25/09: Shell Beads in Morocco Show Early Humans Traded Jewelry 80,000 Years Ago
08/25/09: Scientists Design Plant Filtration System That Lets You Drink Shower Water
08/25/09: Heating System Confirms Ancient Kingdom Was Korean
08/23/09: The First Iranians Who Lived on the Iranian Plateau Were Old Asians
08/23/09: Nearly 300 Zapoteca Stones to Be Studied in Oaxaca
08/23/09: NPR: For Early Man, It Wasn't Easier Being Green
08/22/09: Rare Tiles Unearthed at Palace of Henry VIII
08/21/09: Global Warming Could Change Earth's Tilt
08/21/09: CBS News: Climate Campaign Creates Carbon Crimes
08/21/09: 'Invisibility Cloak' Antennas Could Shrink Cellphones
08/21/09: The Army of the Kings of Ur: The Textual Evidence
08/21/09: 1,500-Year-Old 'Modest Venus' Figurines Unearthed in Golan Heights
08/21/09: 5,000-Year-Old Sandstone Found in Orkney Displays Fragmented Face of 'First Scot'
08/21/09: Ancient Sundial Solves Riddle of How Augustinian Order Kept Time

08/21/09: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Unique Meideval Byzantine Seal
08/21/09: German Archaeologists Study 2,500-Year-Old Disappearance of Nigerian 'Nok' Culture
08/20/09: Report Says China's Founding Dynasty May Just Be a Myth
08/20/09: Anthropoligsts Argue That Ancient Man Damaged Coastlines
08/19/09: Marketwatch: Is the C Street Boardinghouse a Cult?
08/19/09: Thousands of Prehistoric Hippo Bones Found in Cyprus Cave
08/19/09: 3,000-Year-Old Butter Found in Irish Bog
08/17/09: 16,000-Year-Old Mother Goddess Figurine Unearthed in Turkey
08/17/09: Scotland's Most Important Royal Sites Excavated
08/14/09: Giant 5,000-Year-Old Cathedral Unearthed in Orkney

08/13/09: 72,000-Year-Old Weapons Show Firemade Tool Use 50,000 Years Earlier Than Thought
08/13/09: New York University Digs in Cyprus Show Worship of Apollo
08/13/09: Mutation Tied to Need for Less Sleep Is Discovered
08/12/09: Jewish Temple Found in Ancient Port City at Lycian Site

08/11/09: Research Suggests Bipedal Humans Came Down From Trees, Not Up From the Ground
08/11/09: Ancient Iraqi Stone Head Paired With Replica Body

08/09/09: 2,700-Year-Old Administrative Center From Hezekiah's Time Found in Israel
08/08/09: Three 'Benchmark' Glaciers Used By Geological Survey Show Major Meltdown Approaching

08/07/09: House of Emperor Vespasian Found Exactly 2,000 Years After His Birth
08/07/09: Filmmakers Explore Tunnels and Reservoirs of Emperor Justinian's Temple-Church
08/07/09: Cuneiform Tablets Found in 2,700-Year-Old Temple in Turkey
08/07/09: 9,000-Year-Old Bone Found in Torquay May Show Signs of Cannabilism
08/07/09: Extinct Walking Bat Found in New Zealand
08/07/09: 2,000-Year-Old Greek Statue Discovered Off Croatia Discolored By Marine 'Biofouling'
08/06/09: British Archaeologists Uncover Canaanite Burial Sites and Temples in Sidon

08/06/09: World's Oldest Map From Spanish Cave Shows Landscape From 14,000 Years Ago
08/03/09: New Research Challenges Hypothesis That Dogs Originated in East Asia
08/01/09: Buddhist Relics Hidden From Soviet Purge for 70 Years Found
08/01/09: Israeli Archaeologist Says Tomb of Herod is in Herodium
07/31/09: James Tabor's Blog: Extraordianary Finds at Mt. Zion Excavation
07/30/09: Undiscipherable Inscription Found at Second Temple Site in Jerusalem
07/30/09: 'Dinosaur Mummy' Has Skin Like Birds' and Crocodiles'
07/30/09: Report Shows Global Warming Played Role in Inca Rise
07/28/09: Study Hints First Animals Evolved in Lakes, Not Oceans
07/27/09: Oxford X-Ray Lasers Used to Create A New State of Matter: Transparent Aluminum
07/27/09: Fertile Crescent 'Will Disappear This Century'
07/27/09: Hadrian's Wall Being Lost to Erosion

07/26/09: Declassified Spy Satellites Show Massive Polar Ice Cap Melt
07/22/09: Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female (Pictures)
07/24/09: Mysterious Altar Found in Roman Fort Near Hadrian's Wall
07/24/09: 35,000 to 40,000-Year-Old Flutes Found in Germany
07/23/09: Archaeologists Discover Nymph Sanctuary in Central Bulgaria
07/22/09: Christian Right Aims to Change American History Lessons in Texas Schools

07/22/09: Cyprus Digs Reveal First Settlements May Be Older Than Thought
07/22/09: Ultra-Sensitive Camera Proves That Humans Glow in Visible Light
07/22/09: Weapon Test Shows Neandertal in Iraq Likely Killed by Human
07/21/09: Rare Diamonds on Island Near California Strengthen Theory That Comet Impacts Wiped Out Early Human Culture in North America 12,900 Years Ago
07/21/09: 50,000-Year-Old Case Hints At Interspecies Homicide
07/21/09: Research Suggests Stone Microblades Led to 30,000-Year-Old Population Boom
07/17/09: Hot Climate Could Create Sluggish Economies
07/16/09: Research Proves DNA is Not the Same in Every Cell
07/16/09: Genetic Evidence Shows Neandertal Populations Were Always Sparse
07/16/09: New Findings on Snake Cult Challenge Iron Age Theories
07/15/09: Dinosaurs Went Underground to Wait Out Extreme Weather
07/15/09: Buried City in Oasis Lends Provides Clues to Ancient Egypt
07/13/09: Research Shows Swearing Can Make You Feel Less Pain
07/13/09: Greek Ampitheatre Uncovered in Laodicea, Turkey
07/12/09: New Study Says Climate Change Could Cause Civilization to Collapse
07/12/09: Iraqi Christians in Danger of Extinction
07/09/09: 11,400-Year-Old Mali Ceramic Found by Geneva Archaeologists is Africa Oldest
07/02/09: Computer Reveals Stone Tablet 'Handwriting' In a Flash
07/01/09: Bulgarian Speleologists Discover Unique Thracian Sanctuary
07/01/09: 7,000-Year-Old Chilean Mummies Were Victims of Tainted Water
06/29/09: Pope Claims Human Remains Belong to St. Paul
06/28/09: Lasers Reveal Oldest Image of St. Paul in Roman Catacomb
06/25/09: Mithras Cult Temple Discovered in Northern Iraq
06/24/09: 4,000-Year-Old Tomb Uncovered in Bethlehem
06/23/09: Remains in Northern Spain Show First Europeans Were Cannibals
06/22/09: 2,000-Year-Old Underground Chamber in Israel May Be Early Christian Refuge (Photos)
06/22/09: New 'Molecular Clock' Aids Dating of Human Migration History
06/21/09: Huge Cave Uncovered Near Jericho
06/20/09: Burnt City Women Outlived Men
06/18/09: Study Finds Giant Sperm is Ancient Evolutionary Tool for Seed Shrimp
06/17/09: New Dinosaur Fossils May Solve Bird Wing Mystery

06/16/09: Ancient Aqueduct Uncovered Below Sultan's Pool
06/15/09: New Study Says Machu Picchu Was a Re-creation of Mythical Landscape
06/12/09: Engraved Pugments From South African Cave Suggest Modern Human Behavior Emerged Around 100,000 Years Ago
06/10/09: 6,000-Year-Old Tombs Found Next to Stonehenge
06/10/09: Oldest Art in Americas Possibly Found on Mammoth Bone
06/10/09: Afghanistan's Director of Archaeology Searches for Afghanitan's Third Giant Buddha
06/08/09: Mysterious 400-Year-Old Slate With Strange Codes Found in Jamestown
06/08/09: Ancient Underwater Camps at Great Lakes Include Caribou 'Lane Traps'
06/04/09: 380-Year-Old Greenwich Stone Flask Used to Ward Off Witches
06/04/09: Plough Uncovers 5,000-Year-Old Tomb in Orkney
06/02/09: Scientists Possibly Decode 2,800-Year-Old Sardianian 'Death-Smile' Potion
06/02/09: New 12 Million-Year-Old Hominid With 'Modern' Face Found in Spain
06/02/09: UF Study Finds Ancient Mammals Shifted Diets as Climate Changed
06/02/09: Scholarship on Ancient Middle East Becomes Free Digitally
05/30/09: Rising Seas Could Spell Doom for Orkney Islands
05/30/09: 260 Million-Year-Old Volcanic Eruptions Caused Global Mass Extinction
05/28/09: Italians to Help Iranians RestoreTomb of Cyrus the Great
05/24/09: Mayan Underworld Filled With Human Sacrifices
05/19/09: UK Computer Scientist Hopes to 'Read' 3,000-Year-Old Scrolls
05/18/09: 2,500-Year-Old Native American Skulls Have Gem-Studded Teeth
05/16/09: 2,300-Year-Old Mayan Panel Showing Hero Twins Confirms Spanish Sources
05/14/09: Emperor Trajan's Palace Discovered in Southwestern Romania
05/13/09: 35,000-Year-Old Venus Statuette Provides New Clues for How Art Evolved
05/12/09: 70,000-Year-Old Composite Tools Show Smarts in Stoneage Superglue
05/11/09: Historical Records Say China's First Emperor Banned Buddhism
05/09/09: Cave Paintings Depict Ancient Marsupial Lion

05/06/09: 2,000-Year-Old Legal Document of Widow Named Miriam Seized in Israeli Sting Operation
05/05/09: Manufactured Beadmaking Found to Date Back At Least 110,000 Years
05/03/09: Lasers Reveal Hidden Christian, Jewish, and Pagan Art in 1,900-Year-Old Roman Catacombs

05/03/09: 2,300-Year-Old Tsunami Hit New York Area
05/02/09: Fossilized Neandertal Baby Shows Brain Growth Similar to Homo sapien
05/02/09: Iraq Tourist Ministry Reopens Babylon Ruins Against Culture Ministry's Wishes
05/01/09: In Light of 'Deep Time', Smail Argues History and Archaeology Should Be Reunited
04/30/09: Aristotle School Rediscovered in 1996 to Become Open-Air Museum
04/30/09: New Genetic Survey Shows 14 Ancestral Populations came From Southwest Africa
04/29/09: DNA Study Confirms Native Americans Are Descended From a Single Ancestral Group
04/28/09: China's Earliest Known Carving Found in Central Henan Province
04/28/09: Study of Yucutan Crater Shows No Link to 65,000-Million-Year Old Mass Extinction 04/28/09: Study Says Giant Pterosaurs Couldn't Fly
04/26/09: Dimming Sun Caused Scotland's 'Little Ice Age'
04/24/09: DNA Study Shows Horses Were Domesticated in Northern Asia 6,000 Years Ago
04/24/09: Rain Reveals Church Parking Lot Marker to Be 1,000-Year-Old Runic Gravestone
04/24/09: Largest Egyptian Temple in Sinai Found in Qantara

04/23/09: AI Program Proves Indus Script is 4,000-Year-Old Language (Maybe)
04/23/09: 30 Christian Archaeological Artifacts Found in Iraq
04/22/09: Viking Loan Words Reveal Information on Immigration and Integration
04/21/09: 85,000-Year-Old Villages Found in United Arab Emirates
04/20/09: Pope to Give Prince Charles Facsimile of Henry VIII's Appeal for Annulment
04/16/09: Mask of Mark Antony Possibly Found
04/16/09: 3,000-Year-Old Bone Flute Found in China
04/16/09: Archaeologists Find 'Charcoal Horizon' Anamoloy in LSU Mounds
04/16/09: Two Million-Year-Old Ecosystem Discovered Beneath Antarctic Glacier
04/16/09: Egypt to Search 3 Sites for Cleopatra's Tomb
04/16/09: Egyptian Dig Hopes to Find Cleopatra and Antony Side by Side
04/16/09: 3,000-Year-Old Temple Discovered in Turkey
04/16/09: Roman Temples in Britain: Farms, Temples, or Tax Depots?
04/14/09: Computer Simulations of Neandertal DNA Suggest Three Different Subgroups

04/13/09: Ancient Jews in Babylonia Used Skulls in Ceremonies Despite Halakhic Prohibition
04/13/09: Medicinal Herbs Found Added to 5,000-Year-Old Egyptian Wine
04/11/09: Plaque Found in Beth Shemesh May Depict Armana Tablet's 'Mistress of the Lionesses'

04/11/09: One-Third of Diet of Christians Buried in Roman Catacombs Were Cheap Freshwater Fish
04/11/09: Malta's 5,000-Year-Old Temples Attract Little Attention
04/11/09: 'Cave to City' Project Studies 13,000-Year History Habitation of Gohar-Tanneh, Iran
04/10/09: Scotland's Most Ancient Home Found -- At 14,000 Years Old
04/06/09: The First Cocktail Arose in Mesopotamia 5,000 Year Ago
04/06/09: Graverobbers feared as Drought Reveals Ancient Underwater Dwellings
04/04/09: Iraqi Archaeologists Find Over 4,000 Babylonian and Persian Relics
04/09/09: Dig Reveals Ancient Monastic Settlement in Scotland
04/02/09: DNA Proves 1,500-Year-Old Irish Ancestry of Scots of the Arthurian Age
04/01/09: Iraq to Reopen Ur to Public After US Pullback
03/31/09: CT Scan of Nefertiti's Bust Shows Image of Wife of AKhenaten Got Makeover
03/30/09: Blackbeard Pirate Relics and Gold Found

03/30/09: Optimal Running Speed Associated With Evolution of Earthly Human Hunting Strategies
03/30/09: 32,000-Year-Old Indonesian Shell Tools Show Australasia Was Not So Far Behind West
03/30/09: 1,500-Year-Old Mosaic Floor Unveiled in Ancient Synagogue Ruins
03/30/09: New Theory Suggests 250-Million-year-Old Mass Extinction Came From Burping Salt Lakes
03/30/09: 530,000-Year-Old Skull Proves Deformed Children Were Not Always Abandoned
03/27/09: Iron Dagger Fragments Found By Japanese Dig in Turkey Pushes Iron Age Back 500 Years
03/27/09: Italian Archaeologist Discovers Cyprus' Oldest Religious Site
03/25/09: Lost Crusaders' Tunnel Found Near Palace In Malta
03/25/09: 50th Anniversary of International Salvage Project That Saved the Nubian Sun Temple
03/24/09: Giza Pyramids Align Toward City of Sun God
03/20/09: New Evidence Found for Druids Committing Human Sacrifice and Cannabalism
03/19/09: 4,000-Year-Old 'Abraham's Gate' Reopened After Restoration
03/18/09: Prof. of Jewish Philosophy Argues Essenes Never Existed
03/13/09: Discovery of Tomb of Cleopatra's Sister Reveals African Ancestry
03/13/09: Roman Joke Book Has Monty Python's 'Dead Parrot' Joke In It (Only With Slave)
03/13/09: New Research Suggests Vikings Were Peaceful Immigrants
03/12/09: Egyptian Tomb Builders First Became Professional During Armana Period
03/11/09: Homo erectus May Be 200,000 Older Than Thought
03/11/09: Byzantine-Era Church Discovered in Jerusalem Hills
03/09/09: Shakespeare's First Theatre Found
03/09/09: Oldest Seafaring Ships Discovered in Egypt Still Work
03/08/09: Culutral Remains of 70,000-Year-Old Civilization Found in India
03/06/09: Tomb of Ramsses the Great's Granddaughter Possibly Found
02/26/09: Computer Analysis Identifies Oldest English Words as 'I', 'We', 'Two' and 'Three'
02/23/09: Jerusalem Relics From Herzekiahian and Hasmonean Periods Unearthed

02/23/09: 1.5-Million-Year-Old Footprints Show Earliest Evidence of Modern Foot and Walking
02/23/09: 2,000-Year-Old Shiva Temple Complex Discovered in India
02/22/09: Palace of Robert the Bruce Possibly Found in Dunbartonshire
02/20/09: Hi-Tech Research Shows 4,000-Year-Old Neolithic Axes From England Came From Italian Alps
02/19/09: Bethsaida 2008 Excavations Report (PDF)

02/18/09: Historical Aritfacts Lost to Alaska's Eroding Permafrost

02/16/09: Inscription Fragments Prove Maccabee-Era Heliodorus Stele Came From a Temple in Maresha

02/16/19: Two Natural Substances Discovered to Be Harder Than Diamond

02/16/09: Honeybees Dying Off Due to a Combination of Factors
02/16/09: Physicist Uses Radio Signals to Search Downtown Las Vegas for Signs of 1,300-Year-Old Pit Houses

02/15/09: X-Rays Show Archimedes Wrote on Concept of Infinity

02/13/09: Archaeologists Study 12,000-Year-Old T-Shaped Obelisks in Southeastern Turkey

02/13/09: Parasitic Wasps Got Their Poison From an Ancient Virus
02/11/09: New Swarm Theory Says the Weak Can Lead the Strong

02/11/09: Pictures of Seven 'Missing Links' Since Darwin

02/10/09: Irish Families Pressure Catholic Church Into Searching for Mass Grave of Unbaptized Babies

02/10/09: Something Awful on Ancient Superweapons
02/06/09: Syriac Bible Found in Police Raid on Antiquity Smugglers
02/06/09: More Evidence Amounts Against the Black Sea Flood Being 'Noah's Flood'
02/04/09: Chemical Traces of 635 Million-Year-Old Sponges are Earliest Evidence of Animal Life
02/05/09: Parasitic Butterflies Dupe Hosts With Ant Music
02/05/09: Antarctic Bulge Could Flood Washington D.C.
02/04/09: Pope Reinstates Ultra-Conservative Bishops Including Holocaust Denier
02/04/09: Chemical Fossils Push Back Date for Animal Life At Least 635 Million Years
02/04/09: 5,500-Year-Old Human Sacrifice Found in Sudan is Africa's Oldest
02/04/09: Primitive Whales Gave Birth on Land
02/03/09: Pagan Cult Mosaic With Naked Figures Found Under Catholilc Cathedral (Photos)

02/03/09: Teleporter Sends Ions on Long-Distance Journey
02/03/09: Other Solar Systems More Violent Than Ours
01/30/09: Evidence of Humans 1.83 Million Years Ago Found in Malaysia
01/29/09: 9th Century Edomite Metallurgy Suggests 'King Solomon's Mines' May Have Existed
01/29/09: Arrowheads Suggest Silbury Hill Was Used to Defend Against Danish Invasions
01/28/09: Expert Argues the Partheon is a Colossal Sundial
01/28/09: Ancient Iranians From Burnt City Used Their Teeth a Lot
01/28/09: Glacier Man Seems to Have Survived Arrow Only to Die in Second Attack
01/26/09: Chinese Bone Inscriptions Discovered to Be 1,000 Years Older Than Previous Finding
01/26/09: Egyptian Archaeologists Find Second Pier at Karnak Temple
01/26/09: 1,800-Year-Old Marble Head Unearthed in Jerusalem
01/25/09: 5,500-Year-Old Chinese Cave is Oldest Known Residential Complex
01/22/09: Nile Delta Discoveries Show Upper and Lower Egypt to Be United in Pre-Dynastic Times
01/22/09: Research Suggests Pacific People Spread From Taiwan
01/20/09: Skull Analysis Confirms Ancient Indonesian 'Hobbits' Were Not Human
01/20/09: Cracked: The 5 Most Terrifying Civilizations In The History of the World
01/19/09: Akhenaten-Era Tomb Painted By 'Michaelangelo of Antiquity'
01/18/09: 7th-Century Islamic Scholars Kept Greek Medicine Alive
01/18/09: Tel Aviv University Researcher Reconstructs Ancient Israelite Faces
01/16/09: NASA Finds Methane Gas Patterns Providing New Evidence of Life on Mars
01/16/09: Alexander-Era Macedonia Used Ancient Pre-Hellenic Solar Symbols
01/16/09: New Evidence Shows City of Colchester Is Over 2,000 Years Old
01/15/09: Mexico's Unconquered Maya Hold Tight to Their Old Ways
01/14/09: 11 of 13 Ancient Civilizations Were Built on Eurasian Tectonic Plate's Southern Boundary
01/12/09: 6,000-Year-Old Cave Armenian Cave Yields Ancient Human Brain
01/12/09: Study Finds Humans Force Animals to Evolve 300% Faster
01/16/09: Ancient Greeks Turned Their Homes Into Taverns and Brothels
01/14/09: Vatican Opens Secret Confession Tribunal to 'Relaunch the Sacrament of Penance.'
01/11/09: First Evidence of 'Chemical Warfare' Used By Sasanian Persians Against Besieged Romans
01/10/09: 8,000-Year-Old Grave Proves Istanbul is Much Older Than 700 B.C.
01/10/09: Study Reveals DNA Links Between Ancient Peruvians and Japanese
01/10/09: Archaeologist Claims to Have Found Part of Darwin's Lost Ship
01/08/09: Stonehenge-Like Formation Found Under Lake Michigan
01/08/09: Archaeology's Ability to Remain Unbiased Still Heavily Debated
01/07/09: Multiple Comet Impacts Caused 1,500-Year-Old 'Dry Fog' Causing Sunless Days
01/04/09: 200,000-Year-Old Sponges May Have Been Earliest Jewelry
01/03/09: Spanish Inquisition Couldn't Quash Moorish and Jewish Genes
01/02/09: Geneticists Find That Ancient African Exodus Mostly Involved Men
01/02/09: 1.6 Million-Year-Old Stone Axes Found in South Africa
01/01/09: New Evidence Suggests Zeus Worship Began at Mt. Lykaion At Least 3,200 Years Ago